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2018 PSA & PSA/DNA Set Registry Awards
The deadline for the PSA & PSA/DNA Set Registry Awards was Thursday, 5/31. Judging is currently underway. For everyone in contention, we wish you all the best of luck!

New Set Checklists Online
2017 Topps Transcendent Collection Topps History Aaron Judge Baseball
Larry Brown Basic Set
Larry Brown Master Set 
1972 Canada Summit Autographs Hockey
Jean Pronovost Basic Set
Jean Pronovost Master Set 
Jean Pronovost Basic O-Pee-Chee Set 
Jean Pronovost Master O-Pee-Chee Set 
1996 Pokemon Japanese Fossil Non-Sports
1996 Pokemon Japanese Jungle Non-Sports
1998 Pokemon Japanese Vending Series III Non-Sports
1999 Pokemon Japanese Neo Genesis Non-Sports
2000 Pokemon Japanese Neo Revelation Non-Sports
2001 Pokemon Japanese Neo Destiny Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1936 Goudey Premiums - Type 1 Baseball
1962 Jell-O Baseball
1966 Foremost Milk St Petersburg Cardinals Baseball
1987 Topps Mini League Leaders Baseball
1991 Barry Colla Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball
1992 Front Row Club House Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball
1992 Sports Stars Collectors Coins Baseball
1995 PKK National Ken Griffey Jr. Promo Baseball
1998 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection Row 1 Baseball
2000 Fleer Fresh Ink Baseball
2014 Topps Heritage - Master Baseball
2013 Topps Archives Heavy Metal Autographs Baseball
Rookie of the Year (1948-Present) Autographs Baseball
Jose Altuve Basic Set
Jose Altuve Basic Topps Set
Jose Altuve Master Set
Jose Altuve Master Topps Set
Kyle Hendricks Basic Set
Kyle Hendricks Master Set
Paul Goldschmidt Basic Topps Set
Paul Goldschmidt Master Topps Set
1974-75 Topps Chicago Bulls
1971-72 Topps Kentucky Colonels
1991 Kenner Starting Lineup Coins  Football
2014 Panini Select Award Selections MVP Aaron Rodgers Football
1969 Topps St. Louis Cardinals
1969 Topps Houston Oilers
1987 Topps Washington Redskins
Bobby Walden Basic Set
Bobby Walden Master Set
J.T. Thomas Basic Set
J.T. Thomas Master Set
Jim Parker Basic Set
John Fuqua Basic Set
John Fuqua Master Set
John Kolb Basic Set
John Kolb Master Set
Roy Gerela Basic Set
Roy Gerela Master Set
2017-18 Upper Deck Hockey
Aurel Joliat Master Set
George Brett - Records, Milestones & Achievements Tickets
1938 Castell Bros. Ltd. Mickey's Fun Fair Blue Back Non-Sports
1938 Castell Bros. Ltd. Mickey's Fun Fair Red Back Non-Sports
1938 Castell Bros. Ltd. Shuffled Symphonies Blue Back Non-Sports
1938 Castell Bros. Ltd. Shuffled Symphonies Red Back Non-Sports
1952 Dick Tracy Fingerprint File Non-Sports
1966 Somportex Ltd. Thunderbirds-Color Non-Sports
1968 Topps Civil War News Spanish Non-Sports
2003 Topps The Incredible Hulk Crystal Clear Non-Sports
National Aviation Hall of Fame Non-Sports
2016 James Bond Archives Spectre Edition Autographs Non-Sports
2017 Arrow Season 3 Autographs Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
2013 Topps Heritage - Master Baseball
All-Time Rockies Baseball
2015 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs Baseball
Aaron Judge Rookie Set
Miguel Sano Rookie Set
Kevin Seitzer Rookie Set
Devon White Rookie Set
Muhammad Ali - Fights Tickets
1920 Dog Picture Series (V125) Non-Sports
1920 William Paterson Jack Tar Series (V92) Non-Sports
1961 A & BC Sir Francis Drake Non-Sports
2017 Star Trek Beyond Patch Cards Non-Sports
2017 Star Trek Beyond Movies Autograph Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1880 Capadura Cigar H804-4 Baseball Comics Baseball
1913 Voskamp's Coffee Pittsburg Pirates Baseball
1963 Post Cereal Pennants Baseball
1988 Topps All-Star Glossy Set of 22 Baseball
1991 Ultra Team Stickers Baseball
1991 Upper Deck Team Logo Holograms Baseball
1996 Stadium Club Extreme Winners Silver Baseball
2011 Topps Heritage - Master Baseball
2017 Topps Now Houston Astros World Series Champions Collector's Edition Baseball
Madison Bumgarner Basic Set
Madison Bumgarner Master Set
Madison Bumgarner Basic Topps Set
Madison Bumgarner Master Topps Set
2009 Topps Cincinnati Reds
1997 Skybox Z-Force Big Men on Court Basketball
1976 Sunbeam NFL Die-Cuts Football
1960 Topps HOF Football
College Football Unanimous All-Americans Football
1969 Topps Detroit Lions
1976-77 Popsicle Hockey
2017 Topps On Demand Mayweather vs McGregor Misc Sports
Cal Ripken Fleer Cello Packs (1982-1990)
Cal Ripken Topps Cello Packs (1982-1990)
1985-1988 Garbage Pail Kids Wax Packs No .25c
1925 Imperial Tobacco Game Birds (C14) Non-Sports
1952 Watford Film Stars Non-Sports Non-Sports
1953 Signal Oil Antique Auto Cards Non-Sports
1958 Sweetule Products Birds of the British Commonwealth Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online

1880 H804-15A Red Border Baseball
1994 Ted Williams Co. Trade for Babe Baseball
1950 Bowman Boston Braves
1950 Bowman Chicago White Sox
1950 Bowman New York Giants
1950 Bowman Pittsburgh Pirates
1950 Bowman St. Louis Browns
1950 Bowman St. Louis Cardinals
1954 Bowman Chicago Cubs
1954 Bowman Chicago White Sox
1954 Bowman Cincinnati Reds
1954 Bowman New York Giants
1954 Bowman Pittsburgh Pirates
1954 Bowman Washington Senators
1955 Bowman Baltimore Orioles
1955 Bowman Chicago Cubs
1955 Bowman Chicago White Sox
1955 Bowman Cincinnati Reds
1955 Bowman New York Giants
1955 Bowman Washington Senators
1987 Topps San Francisco Giants
2013 Topps New York Yankees
1987 Topps New England Patriots
1987 Topps New York Giants
1912 Gallaher Ltd. Sports Series Misc Sports
1987 John M Brindley Old Golfing Greats Small  Misc Sports
1989 Victoria Gallery Prominent Golfer Reprint Large Misc Sports
2014 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Five  Misc Sports
2014 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Four Misc Sports
1967 Topps Planet of the Apes Test Issue Non-Sports
2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! MRL-Magic Ruler 1st Edition Non-Sports
2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! PSV-Pharaoh's Servant 1st Edition Non-Sports
2015 Pokemon Japanese Bandit Ring 1st Edition Non-Sports

2018 PSA & PSA/DNA Set Registry Awards
The 2018 PSA & PSA/DNA Set Registry Awards deadline is Thursday, May 31st. As in previous years, the cut-off for New Slot requests to existing set composites is April 30th.  We will guarantee that the cards you request by April 30th, if approved, will be added to the sets prior to the awards deadline. For details about the Set Registry Awards, please visit the Awards page.

New Set Checklists Online

1986 Kondritz Trading Cards Ozzie Smith Baseball
2016 Topps Now Postseason Boston Red Sox Baseball
1993-94 Stadium Club First Day Issue Basketball
2004 Upper Deck Gear Eagle Misc Sports
2012 SP Game Used Tour Gear Trios Purple Misc Sports
2012 SP Game Used Edition Inked Drivers Black Misc Sports
2012 SP Game Used Edition Inked Drivers Persimmon Blonde Misc Sports
2014 SP Game Used Edition Inked Drivers Black Misc Sports
2014 SP Game Used Edition Inked Drivers Blonde Persimmon Misc Sports
1984 Renata Glasso Inc. Mars Attacks Reprint Premium 5x7 Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
Alex Avila Basic Set
Alex Avila Master Set
Alex Avila Basic Topps Set
Alex Avila Master Topps Set
Jeremy Bonderman Basic Set
Jeremy Bonderman Master Set
Jeremy Bonderman Basic Topps Set
Jeremy Bonderman Master Topps Set
Jim Bunning Basic Topps Set
Jim Bunning Master Topps Set
Cesar Geronimo Basic Topps Set
Cesar Geronimo Master Topps Set
Rick Porcello Basic Set
Rick Porcello Master Set
Rick Porcello Basic Topps Set
Rick Porcello Master Topps Set
Ken Singleton Basic Set
Ken Singleton Master Set
Ken Singleton Basic Topps Set
Ken Singleton Master Topps Set
Jaromir Jagr Basic Topps Set
Jaromir Jagr Master Topps Set
1964 Ed-U-Cards John F. Kennedy Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1930 William Paterson Aviation Series (V88) Non-Sports
1931 Alphabet Series (V115) Non-Sports
1937 Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd Empire Personalities Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1952 Bowman Boston Braves
1952 Bowman St. Louis Browns
1952 Bowman St. Louis Cardinals
1952 Bowman Chicago Cubs
1952 Bowman Pittsburgh Pirates
1952 Bowman Cincinnati Reds
1952 Bowman Washington Senators
1952 Bowman Chicago White Sox
1993 Topps Minnesota Twins
2017 Topps Cincinnati Reds
2017 Topps Star Wars Countdown to Star Wars the Last Jedi Non-Sports
2014 Once Upon A Time Season 1 Autographs Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1952 Ogden Reds Team Issue Baseball
1967 Dexter Press - Master Set Baseball
1968-70 Fleer Cloth Stickers Quiz Cards Baseball
1970 Transogram Mets hand Cut - Side Panel  Baseball
Javier Baez Basic Set
Javier Baez Master Set
1973-1979 O-Pee-Chee Pittsburgh Penguins Team Cards Hockey
2005-06 In The Game Sidney Crosby Series Autograph Hockey
1923 Gallaher Ltd. Sports Series Misc Sports
1954 Al Haft's Star of the Mat Misc Sports
1999 Upper Deck MLS World All-Stars Misc Sports
2005 Hero Decks Golf Heroes Misc Sports
2005 Upper Deck MLS Jerseys Misc Sports
2006 Upper Deck MLS Jerseys Misc Sports
2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Triples Misc Sports
1983 Star Wars Monty Fabrieken Non-Sports
2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Raw Non-Sports
2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Refined Non-Sports
2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Rookie Heroes Non-Sports
World Wide Gum Sea Raiders 1933 Run Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1977 Bob Parker Cincinnati Reds Baseball
1991 Impel/Line Drive Mantle Baseball
Corey Seager Basic Set
Corey Seager Master Set
Masahiro Tanaka Basic Set
Masahiro Tanaka Master Set
Ben Zobrist Basic Set
Ben Zobrist Master Set
Dikembe Mutombo Basic Set
Dikembe Mutombo Master Set
All-Time NHL 500 Goal Scorers Autographs Hockey
NHL 300 Wins Club Autographs Hockey
Triple Gold Club Autographs Hockey
2001 Upper Deck Players Ink Gold Misc Sports

New Set Checklists Online
2001 Fleer Greats Baseball
2017 Topps Archives 1959 Bazooka Baseball
1999 Topps Nolan Ryan Reprint Autographs Baseball
Billy Cox Basic Set
Billy Cox Master Set
Devin Booker Master Set
Mike Krzyzewski (Coach) Master Set
Kristaps Porzingis Master Set
1987 Topps New York Giants
Curtis Strange Master Set
Lanny Wadkins Master Set
Laura Davies Master Set
2004 Pokemon Kids' WB! Poke Card Creator Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1909 Ramly Square Frames (T204) Baseball
1971 Cincinnati Reds Team Issue Baseball
2017 Topps Now Baseball
2017 Topps Update 1987 Topps Baseball
2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Framed Autographs Baseball
1955 Bowman Autographs Football
DeMarcus Ware Rookie Set
Jason Witten Rookie Set
1991 Golf Gifts Ltd. Ryder Cup '89 Misc Sports
Chi Chi Rodriguez Master Set
Ben Crenshaw Master Set
Nick Price Master Set
Karrie Webb Master Set
1900 Limola Gum Mail Carriers & Stamps (E-239) Non-Sports
2008 Topps WWE Heritage IV Allen & Ginter Legends Non-Sports
2016 Pokemon Generations Radiant Collection Non-Sports
2017 Topps WWE Road To WrestleMania Autographs Non-Sports
2017 Topps WWE Undisputed Autographs Non-Sports
1993 NBA Finals Games 1-6 Tickets

New Set Checklists Online
1984 Star Darryl Strawberry - Master Baseball
1968 Topps HOF Football
University of Southern California All-Time Greatest Rookies Autographs Football
1949 Turf Cigarettes Sports Series Doubles w/Tab Misc Sports
1991 Victoria Gallery The Ryder Cup Misc Sports
2005 Oldham Golf Legends Misc Sports
2012 Golf Legends Misc Sports

New Set Checklists Online
2001 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Autographs Baseball
2003 Donruss Signature Inkredible Four Autographs Baseball
2003 Donruss Signature Inkredible Six Autographs Baseball
2003 Donruss Signature Inkredible Three Autographs Baseball
2003 Donruss Signature Inkredible Run Autographs Baseball
1900 W. & F. Faulkner Football Terms Misc Sports

New Set Checklists Online
1969 Fleer Stadium Baseball Fact/Quiz Baseball
1973 Fleer Pro Bowl Scouting Report Football
1936 Album Nestle Serie 48 Misc Sports
2001 Upper Deck Digital eCard Misc Sports
2005 JF Sporting Collectibles Golf Personalities 1940's/50's Misc Sports
2014 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Autograph Jersey Silver Spectrum Misc Sports
1938 Godfrey Phillips Ltd. Ships that have Made History Non-Sports
Barry Bonds -Milestone Home Runs Tickets

New Set Checklists Online
2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects Baseball
2007 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2017 Topps Gold Label Complete Run Baseball
1976 Popsicle Teams Football
2015-16 Upper Deck Connor McDavid Collection Hockey
1971 Fleer Stick Shift Misc Sports
1965 Topps Gilligan's Island w/Wax Pack Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
Travis Fryman Basic Set
Travis Fryman Master Set
Travis Fryman Basic Topps Set
Travis Fryman Master Topps Set
Bobby Higginson Basic Set
Bobby Higginson Master Set
Bobby Higginson Basic Topps Set
Bobby Higginson Master Topps Set
Brandon Inge Basic Set
Brandon Inge Master Set
Brandon Inge Basic Topps Set
Brandon Inge Master Topps Set

New Set Checklists Online
2006 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball
Pro Football Hall of Fame Players, Coaches, Owners, Commissioners and Pioneers - Restricted Set Football
Julius Peppers Rookie Set
Richard Seymour Rookie Set
Hein Domgoergen Master Set
Johnny Dundee Master Set
John Henry Lewis Master Set
Benny Lynch Master Set
Harold Hilton Master Set
John H. Taylor Master Set
Molla Mallory Master Set
1950-1959 Decade of MLB No-Hitters Tickets

New Set Checklists Online

1878 Forbes Co. Baseball Comics A Foul Bound (H804-16) Baseball
1997 Upper Deck / Pepsi Mariners Baseball
2008 Topps Chrome Baseball
2017 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs Baseball
2017 Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink Autographs Baseball
Hall of Fame Players, Managers, Owners, Executives, Pioneers, Commissioners & Umpires-Autograhs Baseball
1979 Topps Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2015 Upper Deck Hockey Canvas Hockey
Justin Rose Master Set
Bob Bryan Master Set
Mike Bryan Master Set
Karolina Pliskova Master Set
Christian Pulisic Master Set
2015 Marvel Agents of Shield Season 2 Archive Box Exclusive Autographs Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online

Willie Hernandez Basic Set
Willie Hernandez Master Set
Willie Hernandez Basic Topps Set
Wille Hernandez Master Topps Set
Milt Wilcox Basic Set
Milt Wilcox Master Set
Milt Wilcox Basic Topps Set
Milt Wilcox Master Topps Set
2017 Topps Milwaukee Brewers
Larry Johnson Rookie Set
1989-90 Fleer Cleveland Cavaliers
1990-91 Bowman Hockey Autographs Hockey
1978-79 Topps Pittsburgh Penguins
Nino Benvenuti Master Set
Franz Diener Master Set
Jacques Brugnon Master Set
Henrik Stenson Master Set
Justin Thomas Master Set
Ed Moses Master Set
1937 Mickey Mouse Race 'Round the World (D131) Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
2017 Topps National Sports Collectors Convention 1987 VIP Baseball
2017 Topps On Demand All-Star Game-Homage to '87 Baseball
2015 Finest Atomic Rookie Die-Cuts Football
Ty Law Rookie Set
Orlando Pace Rookie Set
Will Shields Rookie Set
1991 Topps Green Bay Packers
1994 Topps Green Bay Packers
1995 Topps Green Bay Packers
1951-52 NHL Second All-Star Team Hockey
2016-17 NHL First All-Star Team Hockey
2016-17 NHL Second All-Star Team Hockey
2012 Upper Deck MLS Dual Marks Misc Sports
1962 Cooper & Co Prehistoric Animals 2nd Series Non-Sports
1966 A & BC Batman Color Non-Sports
1966 Sunblest Tea Prehistoric Animals 2nd Series Non-Sports
1969 Goodies Ltd. Prehistoric Animals Non-Sports
Christopher Columbus
James Doolittle
Wyatt Earp
Thomas Alva Edison
Queen Elizabeth II
Max Immelmann
Wilbur Wright
Manfred Von Richthofen
Eddie Cantor
Marlene Dietrich
Jeanette MacDonald

New Set Checklists Online
2010 Finest Rookie Redemption Baseball
2014 Topps Heritage Chrome Gold Refractor Baseball
Larry Herndon Basic Set
Larry Herndon Master Set
Larry Herndon Basic Topps Set
Larry Herndon Master Topps Set
1925 Cope Bros. & Co. Sports & Pastimes Misc Sports
1928 Major Drapkin & Co. The Game Of Sporting Snap Misc Sports
1936 United Tobacco Sports & Pastime Misc Sports
1938 Gallaher LTD. Island Sporting Celebrities Misc Sports
1952 Canadian Shredded Wheat Movie Stars (FC26-2b) Non-Sports
1936 Aurelia Sultan Luxusbild-Serie Filmsterne Non-Sports
Chronicles of The Three Stooges - Genuine Film Cell Relic Run Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
Ike Brown Basic Set
Ike Brown Master Set
Dave Rozema Basic Set
Dave Rozema Master Set
Dave Rozema Basic Topps Set
Dave Rozema Master Topps Set
Don Wert Basic Set
Don Wert Master Set

New Set Checklists Online
1928 Baseball Player Pins (PM6) Baseball
Doug Drabek Rookie Set
1950-1959 Topps Decade of Colts
1984 Topps New England Patriots
1988 Topps Indianapolis Colts
Eusebio Rookie Set
2013 Star Trek T.O.S Heroes & Villians Star Trek Bridge Crew Shadowbox Cards Non-Sports
2015 Chronicals The Three Stooges Series 4 Norman Mauer's Comic Book Glossy Non-Sports
2015 Chronicals The Three Stooges Series 4 Stooge Gals Non-Sports
2015 Chronicals The Three Stooges Series 4-Behind the Scenes Non-Sports
2015 Chronicals The Three Stooges Series 4-Halloween Movie Art  Non-Sports
2016 Chronicals The Three Stooges 1959 Reissue-Gallery Card Non-Sports
2016 Chronicals The Three Stooges 1959 Reissue-Pain-O-Rama Non-Sports
2016 Chronicals The Three Stooges Series 5-Post Shorts Non-Sports
2017 Chronicals The Three Stooges Retro Stalgic Non-Sports
1910 Tuckett's Autographs (C113) Non-Sports

New Set Checklists Online
Hank Aguirre Basic Set
Hank Aguirre Master Set
Hee Seop Choi Rookie Set
Clayton Kershaw Rookie Set
Doug Mientkiewicz Rookie Set
Nolan Ryan Rookie Set
Max Scherzer Rookie Set
1970-1979 Topps Decade of Dodgers
Jake Reed Rookie Set
Robert Smith Rookie Set
1950-1959 Topps Decade of Colts
1940 Saratoga Prod/Warplanes (FC17) Non-Sports
1957 Adventures of Radisson (V339-1) Non-Sports
2016 Star Trek T.O.S. 50Th Anniversary Bridge Crew Heroes Non-Sports
2016 Star Trek T.O.S. 50Th Anniversary Mirror Mirror Heroes Non-Sports
2016 Star Trek T.O.S 50Th Anniversary Black Autographs Non-Sports
Josephine Baker (1906-1975)

New Set Checklists Online
1990 Score McDonald's with Trivia Baseball
1974-1978 Laughlin Black Stars Run Baseball
1975 Topps MVPs Baseball
1960-1969 Topps Decade of Dodgers
Greg Maddux Basic Autograph Set
Dale Murphy Basic Autograph Set
Tim Wakefield Rookie Set
1960 Texans 7-Eleven Football
1920 Tobacco Products/Canada Canadian Sports Champions (C140) Non-Sports
2005 Breygent Marketing the 3 Stooges-Case-Topper Film Cel Non-Sports
2015 Chronicles the 3 Stooges Series 4-Halloween Art Work (Jensine) Non-Sports
2016 Chronicles The 3 Stooges Series 5-Guess Which Stooge! Eye Pokers Non-Sports
2016 Star Trek The Next Generation Portfolio Series 2 Autographs Non-Sports
World Series Walk-Off Home Runs (1949-Present) Tickets

New Set Checklists Online
2006 Fleer Greats Yankee Clippings Baseball
2012 SP Authentic Golf Rookie Extended Retail Misc Sports
1984 Star Trek III The Search for Spock Non-Sports
2015 Chronicles The Three Stooges Series 4 Motor Marc "Carwash" Non-Sports
2016 Chronicles The Three Stooges Faux Scratch 'N Sniff  Non-Sports
2017 Chronicles The Three Stooges Faux Scratch 'N Sniff  Non-Sports
2017 Chronicles The Three Stooges Theater Non-Sports
2014 Star Trek Aliens Autographs Non-Sports