Set Requests

Updated 9/22/20

If your PSA-graded set checklist is not listed in the Set Registry, please submit a request form. You will be notified of the status once your request has been processed. If approved, your request will appear on the list below within several days after you have submitted it. Set checklists are loaded a first-come-first-serve basis. Company sets, key card sets and team sets can take from 4-6 weeks before the set goes online. Player sets can take 6 months or longer before they are available online. You will be notified when your set checklist is online.


Team Sets:

If you are requesting a team year set, such as 1963 Topps New York Yankees set, we ask that you also provide a checklist for the set which can include league leader cards, team cards, World Series cards, checklists, 1974-1994 Topps Traded, 1995-2004 Topps Traded and Rookies, 2005 Topps Updates & Highlights (traded players #UH1-84 and rookies #UH221-310), 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights (cards #U1-170), and 2007-date Topps Updates & Highlights (rookie & traded players). If a player has a card in both sets, the Topps base card will take precedent. 1973 through 1982 Topps Team Checklists cards can be included in the corresponding team sets. 1973 & 1974 fronts have signatures of each team member and the backs have the team checklist, but no picture. From 1975-1981 the title of the card is "Topps Team Checklist Sheets" and these have the team pictured. World Series cards must have players from the team set pictured.

We define team sets as follows: The team set consists of cards from one year from a single company that depict, on the cards, players from that team in that team's uniform who were players during that year. Exceptions: If a player was traded during the year and is pictured in another uniform but is still listed as part of the team in question on the face of the card, that card will be allowed. Conversely, a card which pictures a player in the proper uniform but is labeled on the face of the card as being part of another team, will not be part of the set.

Player Sets:

In general, player sets consist of cards for that player which were manufactured during the player's play years. Cards for managers/coaches are listed in separate sets. Exceptions: Many companies produce cards for players the year after the player has retired. These cards, with or without stats, issued the year following retirement are meant to depict the player’s previous season. In addition, there are a few vintage sets that may list one or two cards well past the play years. These cards are allowed due to their extreme popularity. For example, in the Babe Ruth Basic Set, the 1948 Leaf is listed even though Ruth retired in 1935. Player sets in the miscellaneous sports and non-sports categories may include post-retirement dated cards due to limited availability of play years cards.

Basic Player Sets:

Cards in basic sets include only the most popularly issued manufacturers and are closed for updates. Basic sets do not include cards from Parallel Sets, Insert Sets, or Parallel/Inserts Sets. Special cards and league leader cards are not included.



Cards for the basic basketball player sets are as follows: BOWMAN, FINEST, FLEER/FLEER TRADITION, HOOPS, SKYBOX, SP/SP AUTHENTIC, STADIUM CLUB, TOPPS, ULTRA, and UPPER DECK.


Basic & Collector Issues Player Sets:

These sets, for modern players (post-1971), include cards defined as a "Main Set" cards (promos, prototypes and test sets excluded), but do not include cards from Parallel Sets, Insert Sets, or Parallel/Inserts Sets. Note that if there are multiple cards from a main set or varieties of card(s), they will be listed as either/or. Special cards and league leader cards are not included.

Master Player Sets:

All cards, with the exception of unique or very limited edition cards (1-3 print runs), are accepted in the Master player sets. If a player is featured on a team set card, it will be allowed. Cards which may picture a player but make no mention of said player on the card are not allowed. Items that do not picture the corresponding player will not be allowed. Minor League cards issued after a players retirement from the MLB are not allowed. In addition, some handcut/panel/perforated issues may only be used in one slot and may not be required in multiple slots. If you are uncertain that your card qualifies, please email [email protected] for confirmation. Please note that 1/1 (one of a kind items), as well as items that PSA does not grade numerically (authentic only), will be added as optional if requested.

Note there are a few sets which PSA does not grade, but authenticates only. Cards from the following sets will be added to the player sets as optional and will not be required: 1967 Topps Test Discs, 1968 Topps Discs, 1970 Topps Super Square Cornered Proof - Blank Back. This list may be updated in the future.

Player sets have evolved since they were first introduced in the PSA Set Registry. Therefore, there may be some inconsistencies. Please email [email protected] with any changes you feel should be made.

Super Player Sets:

These sets have the same rules as the master sets, however cards issued past the player's play years are allowed in the super sets. Super sets can also include all cards for the player, whether as a player or manager/coach.

Rookie Player Sets:

Rookie sets contain cards which are recognized as official rookie cards by the industry. Some sources include Leaf, OPC and XRC issues. If these cards are requested as additions to the set, they will be added either at the time the set is loaded or at a later date. Rookie sets requested for current year rookies will not be loaded until the first quarter of following year, as new releases are made throughout the year. Example, if 2017 is a rookie year for player x, then his/her set checklist will not be loaded until after March, 2018.

Player Card Requests to Established Sets:

Player set checklists, especially for modern basic sets and all master sets, are constantly expanding as new cards are graded by PSA. If you have a card that does not yet appear in a player set, you may request that it be added to the set. Cards which are considered print errors and are not established variations, will be added as either/or to the base card. Beginning January 1, 2007, pins will also be included in the player sets.

Card requests submitted before May 1st every year will be added to the set before the awards deadline. Cards submitted during May will be added after the awards deadline.

To request an addition to a player set, please sign in and view the set in My Sets. There you will find a link called "Report a cert that should match this checklist." From this link you can make your request.

HOF and Key Card Sets:

Additions to the HOF and Key Card sets are possible. Every year new HOF inductions are made. In addition, some players may have performed well enough in recent years to warrant addition to All-Time sets. In some cases only one card will qualify for addition to the set. There are some cases where several cards may qualify. In a Key Card set members will be polled for their opinion. The majority vote will determine which card is added. If less than 50% of the members polled respond, then experts at PSA will select the card for addition. Additions to HOF sets requiring a rookie card are updated as requested and in some cases may also require a poll amongst set registrants. If the set requires rookie cards, only the cards which are recognized as official rookie cards for the player will be accepted. A list of these cards can be found in the Ultimate Rookie Card Encyclopedia. In the rookie sets, multiple cards may be accepted for each player. In the case in which a HOFer does not have a rookie and or popular/mainstream issue card, this player will not be included in the HOF Team and Key Card sets which require a specific card. HOF sets that allow any card for a particular player will be updated as new inductions are made and brought to our attention.

About Weighting:

Each item within a set is assigned a weight based on the value of the item in NM-MT condition. Most sets are broken down using a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the greatest weight. Some sets feature ultra-rare items. Those items will command a much higher weighting according to their relative rarity. If the set is very small with little variation in individual item prices, then the scale may be 1-5. For more information on weighting and how sets are ranked, visit the RULES page.

If you have any further questions on how the set registry works, click rules and benefits above or send your question to [email protected].

Thank you.

Current Request List

Company Sets

1951-Present MVP's Major League Debut Games Tickets
2018 Bowman's Best Complete Run Baseball
Pokemon EX Holofoils English (2003-2007) Non-Sports
1979 Kellogg’s Baseball 1 Card Pack  Packs
Los Angeles Kings Hall of Fame Hockey
2018 Topps Home Run Challenge Mike Trout Baseball
1955 Castell Bros. Scouting Non-Sports
PSAs 10 Most Iconic Post-War Baseball Cards Baseball
1933 Garbaty Cigarette Beruhmte Tanzerinnen Non-Sports
Pokemon Japanese XY Promos (2013-2017) Non-Sports
2019 Finest Complete Run Baseball
Maxx Charlotte/Maxx Myrtle Beach Racing with Cello Packs 1988 Misc Sports
2017-18 NHL First All-Star Team Hockey
2018-19 NHL First All-Star Team Hockey
2018-19 NHL Second All-Star Team Hockey
Mark Messier Leadership Award Winners Hockey
1970s Sampler Set Football
1980s Sampler Set Football
1990s Sampler Set Football
2000s Sampler Set Football
2010s Sampler Set Football
1950s Sampler Set Football
1956-2015 Topps Sampler Set - Basic Football
1981 Topps Team Cards Baseball
University of Connecticut All-Time Greatest Rookies Basketball
Pokemon Sun and Moon Black Star Promos (2016-Present) Non-Sports
1992 Victoria Gallery Wild West - Indians Non-Sports
1994 Dairy Queen Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball
1890 Virginia Brights Actors & Actresses (N245) Non-Sports
1956-2007 Topps Atlanta Braves Team Cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Secret Rares Unlimited (2002) Non-Sports
2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Unlimited Holofoils Non-Sports
1983 Topps with Wax Pack Baseball
1984 Topps with Wax Pack Baseball
Home Run Kings Major League Debut Games Tickets
Strikeout Kings Major League Debut Games Tickets
2006 Press Pass Elvis Lives Fashion Foil Non-Sports
1999 Dragon Ball Z Silver Prizm Set Non-Sports
1997 Topps HOF Football
2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! SOD-Soul of the Duelist 1st Edition Non-Sports
1987-88 Fleer Run with Wax Pack Basketball
1880 Vertical Brownies (H804-2B) Baseball
2001 Topps American Pie Entertainment Autoproofs Buyback Lou Ferrigno Non-Sports
2014 Topps Football - Basic Football
1996 Topps HOF Football
1970-1979 World Series Decade Set Tickets
2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse Holofoils Non-Sports
c1960 Marven's Limited Captain Kidd Chips Letters Non-Sports
c1929 Crescent Ice Cream Winnipeg Views Non-Sports
1959 Packers Team Issue 5x7 Football
2019 Upper Deck Marvel Weekly Non-Sports
NASCAR Cup Rookie of the Year Misc Sports
NASCAR Cup Most Popular Driver Award Winners Misc Sports
Los Angeles Lakers Naismith Hall of Famers
1960-1969 World Series Decade Set Tickets
1950-1959 World Series Decade Set Tickets
1940-1949 World Series Decade Set Tickets
1930-1939 World Series Decade Set Tickets
2009 Pokemon Japanese Melee! Pokemon Scramble Non-Sports
Whitey Ford - World Series Wins Autographs Tickets
1959 Bazooka - Master Baseball
Manchester United Team Cards Misc Sports
2006 Sports Illustrated Maria Sharapova Swimsuit Net Gain Misc Sports
1928 Godfrey Phillips Ltd. Olympic Champions Amsterdam Misc Sports
2000 Team Nabisco All Stars Baseball
2019 Topps Holiday Bowman Autographs Baseball
1910 Glasgow & South Western Railway Golfing Resorts Misc Sports
2018-19 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Members Vote Set 5 Baseball
2005 Yu-Gi-Oh! Korean Magician's Force Non-Sports
100 Career Touchdowns Club    Football
2007 Topps Team Cards Baseball
2006 Topps Team Cards Baseball
2003 Topps Team Cards Baseball
1979 Star Trek The Motion Picture UK/Ireland - Master Non-Sports
2012-13 Panini Prizm Basketball
2018 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Non-Sports
1958 World Series Games 1-7 Tickets
2019 FIFA Women's United States World Cup Winners Autographs Misc Sports
1981-89 Hall of Fame Metallic Plaque Cards Baseball
2000 Team Nabisco All Stars Autographs Baseball
1965 Philadelphia with Wax Pack Football
1968 Topps with Wax Pack - Basic Football
1968 Topps with Wax Pack - Master Football
1995-96 Finest Mystery Borderless Refractor Basketball
1995 Imperial Publishing Native North Americans Non-Sports
1959 Topps with Wax Pack Football
1969 Topps with Wax Pack Football
1970 Topps With Wax Pack - Basic Football
1970 Topps With Wax Pack - Master Football
c1943-45 Byers Flour Mills War Plane Stamps Non-Sports
2003-04 Topps 1st Edition Basketball
2013-14 Panini Signatures Basketball
San Francisco Giants Wall of Fame Baseball
2017-18 Panini Prizm Pink Pulsar Basketball
1992-93 Fleer Larry Johnson Rookie of the Year Basketball
2019 Topps Now World Series Champions Baseball
1975 Hostess Complete Box Baseball
2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Purple Prizm Misc Sports
1907 R. & J. Hill Ltd. Inventors and their Inventions Non-Sports
1998 Finest The Man Baseball
1965 Topps CFL Transfers Football
1977-78 Topps HOF Basketball
2008 Topps Triple Threads Autograph Relic Prime Red Football
2008 Topps Triple Threads Autograph Relic Prime Football
2008 Topps Triple Threads Gold Football
2012 Topps Triple Threads Sapphire Football
2018 Panini Spectra Neon Orange Football
2019 Topps Now Players Weekend Cincinnati Reds Baseball
2014 Cryptozoic Supernatural Season 4-6 Join the Hunt Autograph Non-Sports
2019 Topps Now Moment of the Week Gold Winners Baseball
2014 Cryptozoic Supernatural Season 1-3 Join the Hunt Autograph Non-Sports
1965 World Series Games 1-7 Tickets
Kirby Puckett Complete Pack Set (1984-Present)
2019 Topps Now Baseball
1990 Score Hot Card Football
2000s NFL First Team of the Decade Autographs Football
1973 Panini OK VIP Non-Sports
2018 Topps Holiday Bowman Autographs Baseball
2001 Topps Gallery Football
1909-11 T205 Gold Border/T3 Cabinet HOF Players Baseball
1910 Steinwender-Stoffregen Boy Scout Series (H634) Non-Sports
2019 Upper Deck Singles Day Winter Bounty Silver Misc Sports
1981 Coca-Cola Houston Astros Baseball
2004 Pokemon EX Team Rocket Returns Holofoils  Non-Sports
1900 Taddy & Co. Dogs Non-Sports
1910 W.D. & H.O. Wills Aviation Non-Sports
1901 W.D. & H.O. Wills Locamotive Engines & Rolling Stock Non-Sports
1895 W.D. & H.O. Wills Ships Non-Sports
1900 American Tobacco Fish from American Waters (T407) Non-Sports
1904 Cope Bros. & Co. Flags, Arms & Types of All Nations Non-Sports
1900 American Tobacco Savage Chiefs and Rulers (T421) Non-Sports
2003 Pokemon EX Ruby & Sapphire Holofoils Non-Sports
1948-49 Leaf HOF Baseball
2008-09 Press Pass Legends All American Autograph Basketball
1999 Upper Deck Textbook Excellence Baseball
Allen & Ginter N1-N34 Sampler Set Non-Sports
2018 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Rookie Autographs Baseball
2016 Panini Prizm Peyton Manning Tribute Football
2005 Finest Manning Finest Moments Football
1887 Old Judge (N172) HOF Baseball
2019 Topps Star Player Highlights Mookie Betts - Red Baseball
2019 Topps Star Player Highlights Mookie Betts Baseball
All-Time Rays Baseball
2003 Topps Gallery HOF Currency Connection Coin Relics Baseball
2003 Topps Gallery Currency Collection Coin Relics Baseball
2007 Topps TX Exclusive Super Bowl Ticket Stub Autographs Football
1983 Star Wars Nellba Non-Sports
St. Louis Browns T206 Player Image Team Set Baseball
1996 Bowman Best Mirror Image Refractor Football
Hank Aaron - Home Runs Tickets
2010 Upper Deck World of Sports Athletes of the World - Golfers Misc Sports
2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Celebrated Signatures Misc Sports
2005 Ace Authentic Signatures Series Court Queens Jersey Misc Sports
2005 Ace Authentic Signature Series Court Kings Jersey Misc Sports
2005 Ace Authentic Signature Moments Misc Sports
2007 Ace Authentic on the Line Autograph Misc Sports
2009 Pokemon Japanese Design Contest Promo Arceus/Spikey-Eared Pichu Non-Sports
San Francisco 49ers NFC Wild Card Playoff Game - "The Catch II" (1998) Football
Cy Young Award Winners Rookies (1956-Present) Baseball
2017 Topps Gypsy Queen - Master Baseball
1997 Metal Universe Football
1911 American Tobacco Between the Acts Actors (T25) Non-Sports
1974 Kellogg’s Sugar Pops Non-Sports
2019 Topps Silver Pack 1984 Chrome Promo Update Series Baseball
1963 Bazooka Hand Cut Baseball
2019-20 Panini Prizm Autograph Basketball

Team Sets

1981-1989 Donruss Decade of Royals
1960-61 Topps Chicago Blackhawks
1962-63 Topps Chicago Blackhawks
1990 Topps Los Angeles Rams
1982 Donruss Atlanta Braves
1983 Donruss Atlanta Braves
1981 Fleer Atlanta Braves
1983 Fleer Atlanta Braves
1984 Fleer Atlanta Braves
1970-71 Topps Portland Trail Blazers
1951 Bowman Chicago Cardinals
2019 Panini Prizm San Francisco 49ers
1996 Topps New York Yankees
1952 Bowman Small Pittsburgh Steelers
2020 Topps Boston Red Sox
2020 Topps Detroit Tigers

Player Sets

CC Sabathia
Frank Robinson (Manager) Topps
Lamar Jackson Rookie Set
Richard Hamilton Rookie Set
Steve Kasper Rookie Set
Joey Bosa Rookie Set
Jared Goff
Luka Doncic Rookie Set
Jim Gentile
Franco Harris Super Set
Joe Greene Super Set
Jack Lambert Super Set
Steve Barber
Stu Miller
Rawly Eastwick
Rawly Eastwick Topps
Jennifer Azzi Rookie Set
Larry Walker
Johnny Damon
Manny Fernandez
Dexter Manley Topps
George Brunet
Lee Smith Topps
Dan Sullivan
Joe Oliver
Battling Siki
Art Monk Topps
Chris Sabo Basic Set
Chris Sabo Rookie Set
Derrick Rose Rookie Set
Peyton Manning Prospect Set
LaMarcus Aldridge Rookie Set
Tony Taylor
Pokemon Tyranitar Master Set
Tom Izzo (Coach)
Hunter Bishop
Johnny Pesky
Wendell Scott Master Set
Curtis Turner Master Set
Andy Messersmith
Mark Moseley
Cat Osterman Master Set
Matty Alou
Pokemon Chansey Master Set
Tony Zale Master Set
Myles Garrett Rookie Set
Drew Stanton
Cris Carter
Cris Carter Topps
Bobby Tiefenauer
Roy Oswalt Rookie Set
Boris Karloff
Andrew Bogut Rookie Set
Pete Ward
Jesus Alou
Bob Cain
Kerry Collins Prospect Set
John Smoltz Super Set
George Crowe
Gary Fencik
Chase Utley Topps
Jim Colclough
Clay Dalrymple
Kirk Cousins
Marvel Daredevil Master Set
Rickey Jackson Topps
Ray May
Gary Sanchez
Will Smith
Henri DeGlane Master Set
Dave Schultz Master Set
Steve Garvey Topps
Bob Tucker
Jo Adell
Joey Gallo Rookie Set
Mark Price
Steve Blass
Steve Blass Topps
Bo Bichette Rookie Set
Max Fried
Pokemon Scizor Master Set
Charles Rogers
Rich Dauer
Brett Favre Prospect Set
Richmond Webb Prospect Set
Tim Duncan Prospect Set
Yordan Alvarez Rookie Set
Mark Teixeira Super Set
Pokemon Ampharos Master Set
Drew Lock
Dennis Byrd Rookie Set
Francisco Lindor Topps
Randy Myers Rookie Set
Mike Greenwell Rookie Set
Todd Worrell Rookie Set
Mike Garcia
Phil Scott Master Set
Adam Gaudette Rookie Set
Rob Moore
Max Muncy
Max Muncy Topps
Bob Aspromonte
Fred Warner Rookie Set
NaVorro Bowman Rookie Set
Julio Rodriguez
Jarred Kelenic
Connor McDavid
Jordy Nelson Rookie Set
Scotty Bowman (Coach)