Set Registry Benefits

Building collections of trading cards can be rewarding and very pleasurable. Participating in the PSA Set Registry can also be a lot of fun. In addition to the enjoyment of comparing your cards to the greatest sets of all time, you also receive the following benefits:

Recognition For Your Cards

If your cards are in the top five best "All Time Finest" sets, your collection and, if you desire, your name will be listed in the PSA Set Registry at the top of the page listing all sets in that category. You have three options in listing the name of your collection: you can use your full name, you can use your initials, or you can simply be an anonymous collector. Also note that while we will list the average grade of your set, we will not list the grades of the individual cards unless you have marked your set open for viewing.

Find Cards Faster

Access to the Shop button through the Set Registry. This amazing tool allows you to easily search and filter card listings from multiple sites at once, all within a single page view. Shopping Guide »

Build a Digital Album

The PSA Set Registry is home to the internet’s only digital card album. Members can easily create stylish albums for their collections that resemble classic cardboard trading card albums. Digital Album Guide »