PSA Glossary

Sports Lingo

Like all collectibles, the sports memorabilia market has its own terms and slang. The following is a brief definition and explanation of the most frequently used sports collecting terms.

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manager card
A card that pictures the manger of a team; Tommy Lasorda has a regular card in the 1954 Topps set, while he has a manager card in the 1978 Topps set.
The last name of the great Mickey Mantle. As a kid from Oklahoma, Mantle played the game as well as anyone. He was a hero to millions in a time when Americans needed one. Baseball has had many great players, but only a handful of them were bigger than baseball, and the Mick was one of them. Mantle’s first Topps card is the king of post-war issues and sells for well over $100,000 in Gem Mint condition.
MC (miscut)
Type of qualifier. A card that has little or no border, or even portions of another card.  Cards with a factory miscut, such as a diamond cut, or when another card's image is on the original card will be designated MC.
See Also: Qualifier
Mementos from a sports event or belonging to or used by an athlete or sports figure. Examples of sports memorabilia include autographs, photos, programs, team yearbooks, trophies, game tickets, equipment, balls, uniforms, books, and magazines. The market for collectible sports memorabilia is huge. In fact, it is one of the largest of all collectibles markets.
A smaller version of a regular card. The most notable is the 1975 Topps mini set.
A smaller version of a major league baseball batter’s helmet. These are most commonly used for autographs.
Minimum Size Requirement
When a card is significantly undersized according to factory specifications.
minor league card
A card that features players from the minor leagues. Minor league cards are a small, but important part of the market. Most minor league cards have low print runs and are difficult to locate.
Mint (MINT 9)
A grading term for an item that is in its original, like-new state. A card in mint condition will have sharp corners, no major flaws, and must be centered no worse than 60/40.
MK (Marks)
Type of qualifier. The card exhibits marks caused by pen, pencil, or some other type of ink and the presence of the mark or marks causes the card to fall below the minimum standard for the grade.
See Also: Qualifier
Short for Mint.
Abbreviation for Most Valuable Player.
MVP trophy
The trophy given to the winner of the Most Valuable Player Award.