About PSA Card Authentication and Grading Services

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About PSA

Since ‘91

PSA is the foremost authentication and grading authority for trading cards and memorabilia globally with over 65 million items certified since its establishment in 1991.

Today, backed by leading expertise and the industry’s best customer guarantee, more collectibles are submitted to PSA than any other grading service.

A division of Collectors Universe, Inc., the company is headquartered in Southern California with offices in New Jersey, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Value Finds Its Form

Instant Credibility

Authentication makes for smooth transactions. No pretenders, no surprises.

Increased Rarity

Condition matters, and a high PSA grade can add both scarcity and value.

Market Liquidity

PSA-certified items outsell the field in most sales and auction.

The PSA Guarantee

The PSA Authenticity and Grade Guarantee is fundamental to PSA's reputation as the leading third-party authentication and grading service.

Subject to certain exceptions, the Guarantee assures the accuracy of the grade assigned to any PSA graded card as long as it remains in its tamper-evident holder. Full terms and conditions apply.

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