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Coming Soon: eBay Listings

Soon to be connected with eBay’s global marketplace, selling power is on the rise in the PSA Vault. Here’s what to expect.

PSA Vault + eBay

Vaulted items and grading submissions can soon be listed directly on eBay. 

eBay Vault → PSA Vault

The eBay vault is being acquired by PSA and vaulted items will join the PSA Vault.

Goldin → eBay

Goldin will join eBay, where high-value collectibles can tap into a larger network of buyers.

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A One-of-One Destination

No Sales Tax

On graded cards bought
online and shipped to the Vault.

No Storage Fees

Take advantage of free safekeeping and security, and pay as little as $1 to withdraw your item.

Peace of Mind

Vaulted items are 100% insured with 24/7 security.

Sell on Goldin

Find liquidity with Marketplace listings and Weekly Auctions.

Instant Listings

Attract verified buyers quickly with auto-fill info and imagery.

Ship No More

Leave the printing, packaging,
and customer service to us.

Five Ways to Vault

Direct from PSA.

Vault select cards or entire submissions after authentication and grading is completed.

Send from Goldin.

Newly-purchased cards enjoy free shipping to the PSA Vault at checkout.

Ship from home.

Mail authenticated cards to your personal Vault address. PSA, BGS/BVG, CGC/CSG and SGC accepted.

Ship from any marketplace.

Skip the sales tax by sending online purchases directly to your personal PSA Vault address.

Submit on-site

Find the PSA booth at select card shows and conventions for in-person drop offs.

Start Submission

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Buyers Standing By

Choose from best offers and highest bids.

1. Goldin Marketplace

Create a listing in seconds and entertain offers on your time.

2. Goldin Weekly Auction

Send to auction and put buyers on the clock while enlisting favorable rates.

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Complete Collection Management

Stay Dynamic

Manage vaulted and unvaulted cards, customize card imagery, share on social and more.

  • Effortless Goldin Listings

  • PSA Price Estimate 

  • Search & Filter Tools

  • Custom Photo Editing 

  • Single Image Front-Reverse Exports

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