How to Submit

Before packaging items for delivery or submitting in-person at an event, the necessary first move is to create an order in PSA’s Online Submission Center. It’s the only way to submit cards, tickets, and packs to PSA—and it’s easier than it looks.

New to PSA? Registration is quick and easy.

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Step-by-Step Guide

1. Select Item Type

It all begins with what you’re bringing to the grading table. For Trading Cards, follow the steps to choose between Autograph (Dual Service), Review, Crossover, and Reholder services.

2. Choose Service Level

There are two determining factors to consider.

Turnaround Time Some service levels are back in a flash, others offer a steal of a deal. Whatever your timeline, there’s a service level to match.

Declared Value

Each service level is paired with a maximum Declared Value to properly insure the item throughout the process in the event of damage or loss.

3. Input Details

Don’t sweat perfection when it comes to itemizing your order—our research team has your back. Imagery will auto-populate to ease the process along.

4. Declare Value

Give it your best guess. The number estimates a collectible’s worth after authentication and grading.

5. Review Order

Take a quick moment to reflect on your decisions. Everything look right? Good—time for checkout.

6. Assign Destinations

Choose whether each item is shipped to you or the PSA Vault after authentication and grading. Preferences can be managed until service is completed.

7. Choose Payment

Add a new credit card or select a previously-used payment method.

8. Ship to PSA

Bundle your order and wish it well. Visit this Packaging Guide or watch this video for best practices and pro tips.

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