1922 American Caramel Series Of 120 (E121)

The 1922 American Caramel (E121) set consists of 120 cards, each measuring 2” x 3-1/4”. Produced by the American Caramel Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Card front reveal a black-and-white posed player likeness with a white border and the athlete’s name and team in black type at the bottom border. The images are screened. Card backs feature an array of localized advertisements, leading to a wealth of “variations.” The set is also known for a variety of misspellings and minor title and photo variations. Key cards in the E121 series revolve around Hall of Fame talent and include Grover Cleveland Alexander, Frank Baker, Dave Bancroft, Max Carey, Ty Cobb, Johnny Evers, Rogers Hornsby, Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth, George Sisler, Tris Speaker, and Zach Wheat. There are three known variations to Ruth’s card: “George Ruth,” “Babe Ruth” and a variation in which “Babe” is in quotation marks.Three different versions of Cobb’s card are also known to exist, each with either a slight photo or text variation; two versions of Johnson’s card have been found with slightly different images.


Chas. "Babe" Adams
G.C. Alexander
Jim Bagby
Dave Bancroft
Turner Barber
J. Franklin Baker
Carlson L. Bigbee
L. Bigbee
"Bullet Joe" Bush
Max Carey
Cecil Causey
Ty Cobb (Batting )
Ty Cobb (Throwing )
Eddie Collins
Wilbur Cooper
Stanley Coveleskie ((Coveleski) )
Dave Danforth
Jake Daubert
George Dauss
Dixie Davis
Lou DeVormer
William Doak
Phil Douglas
Urban Faber
Bib Falk (Bibb)
Ira Falgstead (Flagstead)
Wm. Fewster
Max Flack
Frank Frisch
W.L. Gardner
Alexander Gaston
E.P. Gharrity
George Gibson
Chas.Whitey Glazner
Kid Gleason
John Graney
Chas. Grimm
Heinie Groh
Hank Gowdy
Tom Griffith
Jess Haines
Harry Harper
Harry Heilman ((Heilmann) )
Clarence Hodge
Charles Hollocher
Walter Holke (Portrait )
Harry Hooper
Rogers Hornsby (2b.)
Rogers Hornsby (O.F. )
Waite Hoyt
Miller Huggins
Walter Johnson
Joe Judge
Dick Kerr
George Kelly
P.J. Kilduff
Bill Killifer (Batting)
Bill Killifer (Throwing)
John Lavan
Rabbit Maranville
Walter Mails
Elwood Martin
Carl Mays
John J. McGraw
Jack McInnis
M.J. McNally
Emil Meusel (Photo L. DeVormer )
Harry Heilmann
R. Meusel
Clyde Milan
Elmer Miller
Otto Miller
Eddie Mulligan
Johnny Mostil
Hy Myers
"Hy" Myers
Earl Neale
Arthur Nehf
Leslie Nunamaker
Joe Oeschger
Steve O'Neill
D.B. Pratt
John Rawlings (2b. )
John Rawlings (Utl. )
E.S. Rice ((Initials E.C.) )
Eppa J. Rixey
Wilbert Robinson
Tom Rogers
Ed. Rommel
Ed Rounnel (Rommel)
Ed Roush
Muddy Ruel
Walter Ruether
"Babe" Ruth (Holding Ball)
"Babe" Ruth (Holding Bird)
"Babe" Ruth (Photo Montage)
Bill Ryan
Ray Schalk (Batting)
Ray Schalk (Catching)
Wally Schang
Everett Scott
Joe Sewell
Robert Shawkey
Pat Shea
Earl Sheely
Urban Shocker
George Sisler (Batting)
Earl Smith
Elmer Smith
Frank Snyder
Bill Southworth
Milton J. Stock
Amos Strunk
Tris Speaker (Large Projection)
Tris Speaker (Sm. Projection )
Zeb Terry
Fred Toney
George Topocer (Toporcer)
Bob Veach
Oscar Vitt
W. Wambsganss (Photo Coumbe)
Aaron Ward
Curtis Walker
Zach Wheat
George Whitted (Brooklyn)
George Whitted (Pittsburgh)
Fred Williams
Ivy B. Wingo
Ross Young ((Youngs) )
Babe Ruth (Holding Bird)
Babe Ruth (Photo Montage)