PSA Card Packing Guidelines



Place each card in a protective flexible pouch (Ex. Card Saver). The flexible pouch you choose must be sturdy enough to allow us to remove the item safely.

If you do not know where to purchase flexible plastic pouches, you can always order them through PSA.

For the protection of your items, you may want to insert your cards/tickets into a soft card sleeve or mylar before inserting into the Card Saver.

  • Raw Card
    Raw Card
  • Inside Mylar Sleeve
    Inside Mylar Sleeve
  • Inside Card Saver
    Inside Card Saver

We do not accept hard acrylic snap cases, top loaders or screw down holders.

These holders allow movement during shipment which may result in damage.

  • Acrylic Snap Case
    Acrylic Snap Case
  • Top Loader
    Top Loader
  • Screw Down Holder
    Screw Down Holder



Place a label on the outside of each Card Saver and write the Submission Number and Line Number for that card. When packaging the cards for shipment please make sure to place the cards in the same order they are listed on your submission form.

Note: When submitting multiples of the same card please make sure to place them on the same line and write the amount of cards you have under quantity. When labeling the cards please place the Submission Number and Line Number. Next to the Line Number, place a "/" and begin to number each card. For Example if you have 3 of the same card, each label should read:

Submission #1234567
Line #1/1

Submission #1234567
Line #1/2

Submission #1234567
Line #1/3


Put all of your cards in between two cardboard pieces that are larger than the items. Hold the package together with rubber bands. Ensure that the rubber bands are not too tight. They should be just tight enough to hold the cardboard pieces together and prevent the cards from falling out.

Cardboard Pieces Baseball Card Cardboard Pieces

CAUTION: If packed too tightly, the items inside may get damaged.



Protect the items with packing material such as bubble wrap or other shipping/packing material.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap
Styrofoam Pellets
Styrofoam Pellets
Small Bubble Wrap
Small Bubble Wrap


Pack in a sturdy cardboard box. If using styrofoam pellets to pack the items, please be sure the items are kept together in some manner so they are not scattered about the box when it is opened. Make sure that they are not packed too tightly. This may cause damage if mishandled.

Use packing tape to completely seal the outside of the box.

Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box


CLEARLY MARK the TURNAROUND TIME on the outside of the package. This will expedite the process of your order. If you have MULTIPLE SERVICES in one box, please mark the outside of the box with the fastest turnaround time.


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