Professional Bat Authentication

Professional Model Bat Authentication & Grading

Professional Model Bats have helped baseball stars break milestones and cement legacies. As a result, these historical specimens are becoming increasingly popular among collectors.

PSA authenticators can determine professional model bats from less valuable bats such as store model and commemorative bats. Additionally, our authenticators can grade the quality of your bat to add another differentiator to your prized collectible.

Bat Authentication

PSA is the leading grading and authentication service for professional model game bats, providing a much-needed service in the hobby. PSA/DNA uses the same state-of-the art technology for autographs to protect your genuine valuable bat from any foul play. Once an item is deemed genuine, the bat is marked with invisible DNA-laced ink naked to the eye but verifiable through a specially calibrated infrared laser. In addition, a Letter of Authenticity (LOA) containing a photo of your item and specific details on the analysis will accompany your genuine bat. With our unique alphanumeric number, any interested party can verify authenticity online even as items change hands time after time.

Submitting your professional bat to PSA is easy. Follow this process.


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Photo Matching Now Available

Indisputable evidence of game use by the player is the ultimate goal of any equipment authentication process.

To this end, PSA is adding a new Photo Matching service option to its industry-leading Professional Model Bat authentication program.

Our authenticators will research available image and video records and compare uniquely identified characteristics to examined, visual matches displayed on the subject bat. Positive results will be visually amended to the issued PSA Letter of Authenticity.

Photo Matching is becoming a common request in today’s hobby. Matched bats can demand prices in multiples of established market prices, depending on the bat and matched event. Vintage bats of Hall of Famers can see even more dramatic increases in value due to the inherent difficulty in finding a definitive match.

PSA’s goal is to provide collectors with the strongest foundation of authenticity for professional model game used bats. PSA’s letter of authenticity provides the confidence that collectors demand from the nation’s leading authentication and grading company.

For further information and pricing, please email [email protected] or call 609-487-8003.

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