Original Photo Authentication

original photo authentication

Not all photos are created equally! The value of a photo can vary dramatically depending on the photo’s ‘Type’ classification.

When it comes to photos, this classification is key.

Is the photo a first-generation image from the period or was that photo generated 10, 20 or even 50 years later?

Is it an original news service photo made from the original negative or a wire photo printed off a teletype machine?

Knowing the difference in time between the date the photo was taken and the date the photo was printed from the original negative is what might separate a $100 photo (Type IV) from a $3,000+ photo (Type 1).

babe ruth type 1
  • Type I – Value = $3,000+
  • Underwood & Underwood
  • March 1920
babe ruth type 4
  • Type IV – Value = $100
  • United Press International
  • September 1921

Using PSA/DNA's unique photo classification system and DNA technology, each photo will be certified for life. This process, coupled with PSA/DNA's detailed letter of authenticity, will help ensure that buyers are getting exactly what they pay for. In addition, this service will help sellers of photographs realize the highest prices possible in a market that demands authentication.

Submitting your original photos to PSA/DNA is easy. Follow this process.

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