Autograph Grading

Do you have superbly penned autographs in your collection? Chances are that having these signatures graded can increase their market value.

How? Simply put, when PSA assigns a numerical grade to a certified autograph, it is setting that autograph apart in the market.

Grading Scale

Autograph grades are determined using a grading scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, and are established based upon the quality of the signature as part of the autograph grading guide.

Types of Autograph

All types of autographed items can be submitted under this service, including signed baseballs. Please note that since baseballs submitted under this service will only receive a grade for the autograph, they will NOT be eligible for any Single-Signed Baseball category on the PSA/DNA Set Registry (only the Any Medium categories).


You will receive a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity that includes the unique serial number and grade information for your authenticated and graded autograph.

Submit in four easy steps


Submission Form

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Submission Price

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Shipping Charges

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Packaging Guidelines

Review and follow these packaging guidelines.

Review Guidelines

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