PSA Security

Leading holder and label technology that sets the standard for security.

The PSA LightHouse Label

Front of Label

PSA LightHouse logo with on/off illumination effect

Classic PSA red trim connects to LightHouse

Fugitive ink graphic pattern to prevent label washing

Back of Label

PSA logo with UV logo pattern

PSA LightHouse logo with on/off illumination effect

Fugitive ink graphic pattern to prevent label washing

QR Code for instant access to Cert Verification

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The PSA Holder

A Better Weld for Total Durability

The PSA holder features specially-formulated plastic and an innovative design that creates a much stronger weld. The result is a holder that is more difficult to chip, holds up better to drops, and more readily reveals tampering.


PSA utilizes a tamper-evident holder to encapsulate collectibles such as trading cards, tickets, unopened packs and autographs. In 2017, PSA enhanced the security features found on the label used inside the PSA holder. Not only does this label exhibit new security properties, it also underwent a stylistic, branding makeover.

Read an in-depth analysis of the current marketplace and the security behind PSA’s authentication and grading in this message.

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PSA now offers a cost-free "SecureScan" service to orders seeking Express level service or higher. This new imaging feature involves taking front and back scans of higher-end, PSA-encapsulated items with high-resolution scanners and making those images available on the PSA website.

PSA is imaging the collectibles (cards, ticket and packs) and uploading them to its online Certification Verification site for recording purposes. The free service provides collectors with high-quality images to use on the PSA Set Registry, for marketing opportunities and for their personal records including insurance purposes.

PSA Autograph Certificate of Authenticity

In 2012, PSA/DNA added a special hologram to its Certificates of Authenticity (COA). The enhancement for autographed items came via a detailed, color-changing PSA/DNA logo hologram that was embedded directly into each sheet of paper when the COAs were generated. Now PSA has updated its look by eliminating the PSA/DNA logo hologram and positioning a new PSA-branded logo hologram at the bottom of each COA that occupies approximately three-eighths-of-an-inch across the entire width of the card. Though the older COAs are still valid, the newer ones possess increased security measures against fraudulent duplication or replication.

PSA Autograph Certification Sticker

As part of its ongoing anti-counterfeiting measures, PSA/DNA adds a special, serialized security sticker to each of the autographed items it authenticates. Going forward, that same non-destructive label will appear, only now it reads "PSA" and not "PSA/DNA." The previously issued stickers/labels are still valid, but now the naming convention simply shows "PSA." Like always, PSA's non-destructive old labels will still checkerboard when tampered with, so that aspect remains intact. But the new labels will break apart, all in an effort to preserve PSA's ongoing battle against keeping fraudulent signatures from ever entering the marketplace.