1956 Topps

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DescriptionCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM+ 7.5NM-MT 8NM-MT+ 8.5MT 9
Commons 1 - 100152030354065100
Commons 101-180, 261 - 340152030355090210
Commons 181 - 2601020303560120275
Team Cards: Name Centered1520-4580195325750
Team Cards: Name at Left203065100300450900
Team Cards: Dated3555851303755501,100
Checklist 1/3 Shop with Affiliates751252503755509002,300
Checklist 2/4 Shop with Affiliates651002003255007251,800
Will Harridge (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1751004505009754,55015,000
Will Harridge (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates11001603504005001,75015,000
Warren Giles (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates230551452254356002,075
Warren Giles (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates2152030354065100
Elmer Valo GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates32025356575125200
Elmer Valo WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates3152030354065100
Carlos Paula GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates415203035150175200
Carlos Paula WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates4152030354065100
Ted Williams (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates54908251,2001,8003,7005,00031,475
Ted Williams (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates55257501,5501,8003,2754,67531,000
Ray Boone GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates6152030354065100
Ray Boone WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates6152030354065100
Ron Negray (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates75070140175220260675
Ron Negray (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates7152030354065100
Walt Alston (R) (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates85065140175220260675
Walt Alston (R) (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates81520303550100200
Ruben Gomez GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates9152030355065100
Ruben Gomez WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates9152030354065100
Warren Spahn (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates101001602203505008001,425
Warren Spahn (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates104055951252755751,400
Cubs Team Dated Shop with Affiliates1155751251754509002,000
Cubs Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1125751451903055203,000
Cubs Team Name at Left GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1140501352004004501,000
Cubs Team Name at Left WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1150751251503508003,600
Cubs Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1140651251652255102,250
Andy Carey GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1215207585100135215
Andy Carey WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates12152030354065100
Roy Face GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates13202535457070540
Roy Face WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates131015253560125425
Ken Boyer GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1425355080190250300
Ken Boyer WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates141520304075195500
Ernie Banks (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates152003006009001,5001,8008,325
Ernie Banks (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates15601252002907502,2008,500
Hector Lopez (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates161520303555100200
Hector Lopez (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates16152030354065100
Gene Conley GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates171520303550100200
Gene Conley WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates17152030354065100
Dick Donovan GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates181520303550100200
Dick Donovan WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates18152030354065100
Chuck Diering GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates191520253550100200
Chuck Diering WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates19152030354065100
Al Kaline(HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates201402253054758751,6752,485
Al Kaline (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates2040601001503505752,000
Joe Collins GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates21152030354065100
Joe Collins WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates21152030354065100
Jim Finigan GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates22152030354065100
Jim Finigan WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates22152030354065100
Freddie Marsh GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates232025354055105205
Freddie Marsh WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates23152030354065100
Dick Groat GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates24152030354065100
Dick Groat WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates241520304560115450
Ted Kluszewski GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates25202535354065100
Ted Kluszewski WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates25153060801753251,200
Grady Hatton GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates261520303585100200
Grady Hatton WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates26152030354065100
Nelson Burbrink (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates271520303550100200
Nelson Burbrink WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates27152030354065100
Bobby Hofman GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates28152030355065105
Bobby Hofman WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates28152030354065100
Jack Harshman GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates29152030354565100
Jack Harshman WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates29152030354065100
Jackie Robinson (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates309001,200-1,600-2,8004,400-7,00067,000+
Jackie Robinson (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates306509751,7502,5004,50011,50055,000
Hank Aaron (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates317258001,2501,8503,4004,80027,500
Hank Aaron (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates312504008001,0002,3005,50025,000
Frank House GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates32152030354065100
Frank House WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates32152030354065100
Roberto Clemente (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates336751,200+2,000-2,7255,100-12,50077,900+
Roberto Clemente (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates336008501,5002,2004,00010,50038,500
Tom Brewer GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates34152030354065100
Tom Brewer WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates34152030354065100
Al Rosen GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates3525355090115185600
Al Rosen WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates3515+20+355080175550
Rudy Minarcin GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates36152030354065100
Rudy Minarcin WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates36152030354065100
Alex Grammas GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates37152030354065100
Alex Grammas WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates37152030354065100
Bob Kennedy GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates38152030354065100
Bob Kennedy WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates38152030354065100
Don Mossi GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates39152030354065100
Don Mossi WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates39152030354065100
Bob Turley GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates40152030354065100
Bob Turley WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates4015+20+354575200850
Hank Sauer GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates41153045558090200
Hank Sauer WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates4115+20+303865125525
Sandy Amoros GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates42152030354065100
Sandy Amoros WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates4215+20354585200600
Ray Moore GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates43152030354065100
Ray Moore WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates43152030354065100
Windy McCall GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates44152030354065100
Windy McCall WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates44152030354065100
Gus Zernial GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates45152540-507080110
Gus Zernial WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates45152030354065100
Gene Freese GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates46152030354065360
Gene Freese WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates46152030354065100
Art Fowler GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates47152030354065100
Art Fowler WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates47152030354065100
Jim Hegan GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates48152030354065100
Jim Hegan WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates48152030354065100
Pedro Ramos (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates49152030354065100
Pedro Ramos (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates49152030354065100
Dusty Rhodes GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates50152030354065100
Dusty Rhodes WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates50152030354065100
Ernie Oravetz (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates51152035456075110
Ernie Oravetz (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates51152030354065100
Bob Grim GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates52152030354065100
Bob Grim WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates52152030354065100
Arnold Portocarrero GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates5320253580200260330
Arnold Portocarrero WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates53152030354065100
Bob Keegan GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates54202535455565100
Bob Keegan WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates54152030354065100
Wally Moon GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates55152030354065100
Wally Moon WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates551015253050100315
Dale Long GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates56152030354065100
Dale Long WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates56152030354065100
Duke Maas (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates57152030354065100
Duke Maas (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates57152030354065100
Ed Roebuck GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates58152030354065100
Ed Roebuck WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates581015253050115450
Jose Santiago (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates59152030354065100
Jose Santiago (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates59152030354065100
Mayo Smith GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates601520303540100295
Mayo Smith WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates60152030354065100
Bill Skowron GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates61152030354065100
Bill Skowron WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates6120305070145235850
Hal Smith GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates62152030354065100
Hal Smith WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates62152030354065100
Roger Craig (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates631525355080160395
Roger Craig (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates631520405585165400
Luis Arroyo (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates64152030354065100
Luis Arroyo (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates64152030354065100
Johnny O'Brien GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates65152030354065100
Johnny O'Brien WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates65152030354065100
Bob Speake (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates66152030354065100
Bob Speake (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates66152030354065100
Vic Power GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates67152030354065100
Vic Power WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates6710152535+60115315
Chuck Stobbs GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates68152030354065100
Chuck Stobbs WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates68152030354065100
Chuck Tanner GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates69153040557080145
Chuck Tanner WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates691520304560115300
Jim Rivera GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates70152030354065100
Jim Rivera WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates70152030354065100
Frank Sullivan GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates71152030354065100
Frank Sullivan WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates71152030354065100
Phillies Team Dated Shop with Affiliates723555851303755501,100
Phillies Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates72253090160435550815
Phillies Team Name at Left Gray Back Shop with Affiliates7220502402753206001,826
Phillies Team Name at Left WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates722545150200325375900
Phillies Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates72104555903004501,275
Wayne Terwillger GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates73152030354065100
Wayne Terwilliger WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates73152030354065100
Jim King (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates741520303540250400
Jim King (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates74152030354065100
Roy Sievers GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates75203545557595150
Roy Sievers WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates75152030354065100
Ray Crone GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates76152030354065100
Ray Crone WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates76152030354065100
Harvey Haddix GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates77152030354065100
Harvey Haddix WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates77101530+3560110375
Harman Wehmeier GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates78152535405080125
Harman Wehmeier WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates78152030354065100
Sandy Koufax (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates793806751,1901,6503,0755,60024,000
Sandy Koufax (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates792203307501,1502,9005,25015,000
Gus Triandos GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates80152030354065100
Gus Triandos WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates80152030354065100
Wally Westlake GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates81152030354065100
Wally Westlake WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates81152030354065100
Bill Renna GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates82152030354065100
Bill Renna WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates82152030354065100
Karl Spooner GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates832030456580130200
Karl Spooner WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates83152030354065100
Babe Birrer (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates84152030354065100
Babe Birrer (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates84152030354065100
Indians Team Dated Shop with Affiliates853555851303755501,100
Indians Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates854045701202753151,110
Indians Team Name at Left GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates8515301002002704001,175
Indians Team Name at Left WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates85256090125225335575
Indians Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates85255090130250325515
Ray Jablonski GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates86152030354065100
Ray Jablonski WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates86152030354065100
Dean Stone GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates87152030354065100
Dean Stone WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates87152030354065100
Johnny Kucks (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates88152030354065100
Johnny Kucks (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates88152030354065100
Norm Zauchin GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates89203050607585100
Norm Zauchin WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates89152030354065100
Redlegs Team Dated Shop with Affiliates903555851303755501,100
Redlegs Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates901560901251954001,110
Redlegs Team Name at Left GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates9020552352702956751,900
Redlegs Team Name at Left WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates904045851503755251,800
Redlegs Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates90255090120250350515
Gail Harris (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates91152030456095275
Gail Harris (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates91152030354065100
Red Wilson GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates92152030354065100
Red Wilson WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates92152030354065100
George Susce GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates93152030354065100
George Susce WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates93152030354065100
Ronnie Kline GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates94152030354065100
Ronnie Kline WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates94152030354065100
Braves Team Dated Shop with Affiliates95351152252654256503,000
Braves Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates9560901151753654302,000+
Braves Team Name at Left GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates95601001251503756751,725
Braves Team Name at Left WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates9525751402004257602,000
Braves Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates9520851401853106502,000
Bill Tremel GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates96152535405075115
Bill Tremel WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates96152030354065100
Jerry Lynch GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates97152030354065100
Jerry Lynch WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates97152030354065100
Camilo Pascual GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates98203055709590140
Camilo Pascual WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates98152030354065100
Don Zimmer GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates9920358595115185925
Don Zimmer WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates991525456095200750
Orioles Team Dated Shop with Affiliates100351253154006601,9003,550
Orioles Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates10025803004506751,5757,800
Orioles Team Name at Left GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates100451902602858101,1252,625
Orioles Team Name at Left WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates100651501953501,0001,5002,425
Orioles Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates100451102403004401,1502,000
Roy Campanella (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1011752105357251,0001,1106,600
Roy Campanella (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates101651002003007501,2504,500
Jim Davis GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates102152030355590210
Jim Davis WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates102152030355090210
Willie Miranda GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1032530457590100440
Willie Miranda WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates103152030355090210
Bob Lennon GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates104152030405570275
Bob Lennon WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates104152030355090210
Al Smith GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates105253545557080575
Al Smith WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates105152030355090210
Joe Astroth GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates106152035405080300
Joe Astroth WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates106152030355090210
Eddie Mathews (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1071101702903505151,0752,270
Eddie Mathews (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates10735451001503006502,200
Laurin Pepper GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1081520303580105240
Laurin Pepper WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates108152030355090210
Enos Slaughter (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates10930451051302152302,400
Enos Slaughter (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates10915304560125235650
Yogi Berra (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1102103906508001,0751,2004,050
Yogi Berra (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates110751002002908001,2503,500
Red Sox Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates111254580115230390900
Red Sox Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1111520-4580195325750
Dee Fondy GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates112152030355085380
Dee Fondy WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates112152030355090210
Phil Rizzuto (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1131151252653154651,3501,665
Phil Rizzuto (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates11350701251653004751,250
Jim Owens GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates114152030355590345
Jim Owens WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates114152030355090210
Jackie Jensen GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1152030405580170400
Jackie Jensen WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1151520303560120350
Eddie O'Brien GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates116152530456595320
Eddie O' Brien WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates116152030355090210
Virgil Trucks GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1171545657590210475
Virgil Trucks WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates117152030355090210
Nellie Fox (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates11840751451802404001,275
Nellie Fox (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates11825406085165275715
Larry Jackson (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates119152035456590300
Larry Jackson (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates119152030355090210
Richie Ashburn (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates12050701201702754251,550
Richie Ashburn (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1202535-5575125250750
Pirates Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates12140802003005007701,875
Pirates Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates12140551001503504751,500
Willard Nixon GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates122152535406575380
Willard Nixon WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates122152030355090210
Roy McMillan GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates123153035405590300
Roy McMillan WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates123152030355090210
Don Kaiser GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1242060707590290390
Don Kaiser WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates124152030355090210
Minnie Minoso (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates125901302102753855501,350
Minnie Minoso (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates125152550751252751,000
Jim Brady (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1262530354580150450
Jim Brady (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates126152030355090210
Willie Jones GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates127152540455580320
Willie Jones WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates127152030355090210
Eddie Yost GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1281520354070215550
Eddie Yost WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates128152030355090210
Jake Martin (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1291525304555295370
Jake Martin (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates129152030355090210
Wille Mays (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1308001,2651,8752,5254,1757,42044,000
Willie Mays (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1302203507009752,9006,50037,500
Bob Roselli (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1311520355075165870
Bob Roselli (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates131152030355090210
Bobby Avila GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates132152030355085400
Bobby Avila WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates132152030355090210
Ray Narleski GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates133152030355090370
Ray Narleski WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates133152030355090210
Cardinals Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates134254595125200325620
Cardinals Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1341520-4580195325750
Mickey Mantle (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1352,7003,200-6,000-8,20010,800-28,000146,900+
Mickey Mantle (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1353,6004,40013,0001,70020,20025,00075,000
Johnny Logan GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates136253040555595275
Johnny Logan WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates136152030355090210
Al Silvera (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates137253035405090330
Al Silvera (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates137152030355090210
Johnny Antonelli GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1381525304060110375
Johnny Antonelli WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates138152030355090210
Tommy Carroll GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates13920305055120140540
Tommy Carroll WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates139152030355090210
Herb Score (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1402545651652002702,025
Herb Score (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates140203570951503001,200
Joe Frazier GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates141152030405085380
Joe Frazier WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates141152030355090210
Gene Baker GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates142152030355095360
Gene Baker WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates142152030355090210
Jim Piersall GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1431535506585190430
Jim Piersall WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1431520303555115325
Leroy Powell GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates144152030405590335
Leroy (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates144152030355090210
Gil Hodges (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates145951702103104108101,375
Gil Hodges (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1453550751101854151,150
Nationals Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates146255065100180430950
Nationals Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1461520-4580195325750
Earl Torgeson GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates147152030406095270
Earl Torgeson WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates147152030355090210
Alvin Dark GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1482025303565150300
Alvin Dark WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates14810152535+50110300
Dixie Howell GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1491520304565125340
Dixie Howell WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates149152030355090210
Duke Snider (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1501301753254606258504,090
Duke Snider (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates15050701401753755502,200
Spook Jacobs GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates151152030355090320
Spook Jacobs WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates151152030355090210
Billy Hoeft GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates152152030405065290
Billy Hoeft WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates152152030355090210
Frank Thomas GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates153253035457585410
Frank Thomas WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates153152030355090210
Dave Pope GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates154253035457585410
Dave Pope WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates154152030355090210
Harvey Kuen GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates15520305560701301,250
Harvey Kuen WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1551520+303550125375
Wes Westrum GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1561520303555135230
Wes Westrum WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates156152030355090210
Dick Brodowski GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1571520303560115380
Dick Brodowski WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates157152030355090210
Wally Post GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1582530506075135360
Wally Post WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates158152030355090210
Clint Courtney GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates15915206080115450710
Clint Courtney WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates159152030355090210
Billy Pierce GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1606065758085115440
Billy Pierce WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates16010152535+50125475
Joe DeMaestri GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates16130354065105150230
Joe DeMaestri WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates161152030355090210
Gus Bell GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1622025355070115535
Gus Bell WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates162152030355090210
Gene Woodling GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates163152030357085325
Gene Woodling WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates163152030355090210
Harmon Killebrew (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1641552203755508352,0004,675
Harmon Killebrew (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates16450751502154759003,800
Red Schoendienst (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates165152025357085325
Red Schoendienst (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates16515304060115180600
Dodgers Team GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1661151302504006406902,500
Dodgers Team WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates166651001502104006502,300
Harry Dorish GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates167303540455060320
Harry Dorish WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates167152030355090210
Sammy White GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1681540505565150265
Sammy White WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates168152030355090210
Bob Nelson (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates169152035455575115
Bob Nelson (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates169152030355090210
Bill Virdon GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1701520304560170310
Bill Virdon WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates17010152535+55100300
Jim Wilson GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates171152025406570320
Jim Wilson WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates171152030355090210
Frank Torre (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates172152050556585375
Frank Torre (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates172152030355090210
Johnny Podres GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1733540801101504254,440
Johnny Podres WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates17315254570135300975
Glen Gorbous (R) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates174203035405095235
Glen Gorbous (R) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates174152030355090210
Del Crandall GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1751525354050115330
Del Crandall WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates175152030355090210
Alex Kellner GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates176354045505580250
Alex Kellner WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates176152030355090210
Hank Bauer GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates177304575100150250750
Hank Bauer WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1771520-4555115290700
Joe Black GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates1781525354575140870
Joe Black WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates1781015253560175750
Harry Chiti GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates179304575100125175425
Harry Chiti WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates179152030355090210
Robin Roberts (HOF) GRAY BACK Shop with Affiliates18045551201752604902,125
Robin Roberts (HOF) WHITE BACK Shop with Affiliates18025355565125250750
Billy Martin Shop with Affiliates18140601001452354501,250
Paul Minner Shop with Affiliates1821020303560120275
Stan Lopata Shop with Affiliates1831020303560120275
Don Bessent Shop with Affiliates1841020303560120275
Bill Bruton Shop with Affiliates1851020303560120275
Ron Jackson Shop with Affiliates1861020303560120275
Early Wynn (HOF) Shop with Affiliates18720305575140250900
White Sox Team Shop with Affiliates188304585125250365950
Ned Garver Shop with Affiliates1891020303560120275
Carl Furillo Shop with Affiliates19020305070135250800
Frank Lary Shop with Affiliates1911020303560120275
Smoky Burgess Shop with Affiliates1921020303560120275
Wilmer Mizell Shop with Affiliates1931020303560120275
Monte Irvin (HOF) Shop with Affiliates19420305070125220800
George Kell (HOF) Shop with Affiliates19515-30+4565115185550
Tom Poholsky Shop with Affiliates1961020303560120275
Granny Hamner Shop with Affiliates1971020303560120275
Ed Fitzgerald Shop with Affiliates1981020303560120275
Hank Thompson Shop with Affiliates1991020303560120275
Bob Feller (HOF) Shop with Affiliates20050751501853505251,150
Rip Repulski Shop with Affiliates2011020303560120275
Jim Hearn Shop with Affiliates2021020303560120275
Bill Tuttle Shop with Affiliates2031020303560120275
Art Swanson Shop with Affiliates2041020303560120275
Whitey Lockman Shop with Affiliates2051020303560120275
Erv Palicia Shop with Affiliates2061020303560120275
Jim Small Shop with Affiliates2071020303560120275
Elston Howard Shop with Affiliates208254070952503751,000
Max Surkont Shop with Affiliates2091020303560120275
Mike Garcia Shop with Affiliates21010-20+30-4570140325
Murry Dickson Shop with Affiliates2111020303560120275
Johnny Temple Shop with Affiliates2121020303560120275
Tigers Team Shop with Affiliates2131520-4580195325750
Bob Rush Shop with Affiliates2141020303560120275
Tommy Byrne Shop with Affiliates2151020303560120275
Jerry Schoonmaker Shop with Affiliates2161020303560120275
Billy Klaus Shop with Affiliates2171020303560120275
Joe Nuxhall Shop with Affiliates2181020303560120275
Lew Burdette Shop with Affiliates2191520-4060120235625
Del Ennis Shop with Affiliates2201020303560120275
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Randy Jackson Shop with Affiliates2231020303560120275
Bud Podbielan Shop with Affiliates2241020303560120275
Gil McDougald Shop with Affiliates22520+30+4560145225450
Giants Team Shop with Affiliates22630+40+701002003251,100
Russ Meyer Shop with Affiliates2271020303560120275
Mickey Vernon Shop with Affiliates22810-20+35+4090200875
Harry Brecheen Shop with Affiliates2291020303560120275
Chico Carrasquel Shop with Affiliates2301020303560120275
Bob Hale Shop with Affiliates2311020303560120275
Toby Atwell Shop with Affiliates2321020303560120275
Carl Erskine Shop with Affiliates23315255065125250450
Pete Runnels Shop with Affiliates2341020303560120275
Don Newcombe Shop with Affiliates235253565901753751,200
Athletics Team Shop with Affiliates2361525+4580195325750
Jose Valdivielso Shop with Affiliates2371020303560120275
Walt Dropo Shop with Affiliates2381020303560120275
Harry Simpson Shop with Affiliates2391020303560120275
Whitey Ford (HOF) Shop with Affiliates24055751502005509002,500
Don Mueller Shop with Affiliates2411020303560120275
Hershell Freeman Shop with Affiliates2421020303560120275
Sherm Lollar Shop with Affiliates2431020303560120275
Bob Buhl Shop with Affiliates2441020303560120275
Billy Goodman Shop with Affiliates2451020303560120275
Tom Gorman Shop with Affiliates2461020303560120275
Bill Sarni Shop with Affiliates2471020303560120275
Bob Porterfield Shop with Affiliates2481020303560120275
Johnny Klippstein Shop with Affiliates2491020303560120275
Larry Doby (HOF) Shop with Affiliates250203055751853001,250
Yankees Team Shop with Affiliates251901502904151,1502,0004,500
Vernon Law Shop with Affiliates2521020303560120275
Irv Noren Shop with Affiliates2531520-4565185275900
George Crowe Shop with Affiliates2541020303560120275
Bob Lemon (HOF) Shop with Affiliates25515254555110220575
Tom Hurd Shop with Affiliates2561020303560120275
Bobby Thompson Shop with Affiliates25710-20+30-451002751,200
Art Ditmar Shop with Affiliates2581020303560120275
Sam Jones Shop with Affiliates2591020303560120275
Pee Wee Reese (HOF) Shop with Affiliates26055851401754256251,750
Bobby Shantz Shop with Affiliates261152030355090210
Howie Pollet Shop with Affiliates262152030355090210
Bob Miller Shop with Affiliates263152030355090210
Ray Monzant Shop with Affiliates264152030355090210
Sandy Consuegra Shop with Affiliates265152030355090210
Don Ferrarese Shop with Affiliates266152030355090210
Bob Nieman Shop with Affiliates267152030355090210
Dale Mitchell Shop with Affiliates26810-20601505509751,650
Jack Meyer Shop with Affiliates269152030355090210
Billy Loes Shop with Affiliates270152030355090210
Foster Castleman Shop with Affiliates27110153045100165400
Danny O'Connell Shop with Affiliates272152030355090210
Walker Cooper Shop with Affiliates273152030355090210
Frank Baumholtz Shop with Affiliates274152030355090210
Jim Greengrass Shop with Affiliates275152030355090210
George Zuvernik Shop with Affiliates276152030355090210
Daryl Spencer Shop with Affiliates277152030355090210
Chet Nichols Shop with Affiliates278152030355090210
Johnny Groth Shop with Affiliates279152030355090210
Jim Gilliam Shop with Affiliates28015-30+5065125220500
Art Houtteman Shop with Affiliates281152030355090210
Warren Hacker Shop with Affiliates282152030355090210
Hal Smith Shop with Affiliates283152030355090210
Ike Delock Shop with Affiliates284152030355090210
Eddie Miksis Shop with Affiliates285152030355090210
Bill Wight Shop with Affiliates286152030355090210
Bobby Adams Shop with Affiliates287152030355090210
Bob Cerv Shop with Affiliates28820+25-4555125250700
Hal Jeffcoat Shop with Affiliates289152030355090210
Curt Simmons Shop with Affiliates290152030355090210
Frank Kellert Shop with Affiliates291152030355090210
Luis Aparicio (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates292651002253306501,3504,250
Stu Miller Shop with Affiliates29310152535+6595325
Ernie Johnson Shop with Affiliates294152030355090210
Clem Labine Shop with Affiliates29515254060110175400
Andy Seminick Shop with Affiliates296152030355090210
Bob Skinner Shop with Affiliates297152030355090210
Johnny Schmitz Shop with Affiliates298152030355090210
Charlie Neal Shop with Affiliates29915254560110220475
Vic Wertz Shop with Affiliates30010152535+55145415
Marv Grissom Shop with Affiliates301152030355090210
Eddie Robinson Shop with Affiliates302152030355090210
Jim Dyck Shop with Affiliates303152030355090210
Frank Malzone Shop with Affiliates30410152535+55140415
Brooks Lawrence Shop with Affiliates305152030355090210
Curt Roberts Shop with Affiliates306152030355090210
Hoyt Wilhelm (HOF) Shop with Affiliates30720+30+5065120215900
Chuck Harmon Shop with Affiliates308152030355090210
Don Blasingame (R) Shop with Affiliates30910152535+55140325
Steve Gromek Shop with Affiliates310152030355090210
Hal Naragon Shop with Affiliates311152030355090210
Andy Pafko Shop with Affiliates31210152535+65140325
Gene Stephens Shop with Affiliates313152030355090210
Hobie Landrith Shop with Affiliates314152030355090210
Milt Bolling Shop with Affiliates315152030355090210
Jerry Coleman Shop with Affiliates3161218304580175515
Al Aber Shop with Affiliates317152030355090210
Fred Hatfield Shop with Affiliates318152030355090210
Jack Crimian Shop with Affiliates319152030355090210
Joe Adcock Shop with Affiliates3201220+304575135350
Jim Konstanty Shop with Affiliates321152030355090210
Karl Olson Shop with Affiliates322152030355090210
Willard Schmidt Shop with Affiliates323152030355090210
Rocky Bridges Shop with Affiliates324152030355090210
Don Liddle Shop with Affiliates325152030355090210
Connie Johnson Shop with Affiliates32610153555150225600
Bob Wiesler Shop with Affiliates327152030355090210
Preston Ward Shop with Affiliates328152030355090210
Lou Berberet Shop with Affiliates329152030355090210
Jim Busby Shop with Affiliates330152030355090210
Dick Hall Shop with Affiliates331152030355090210
Don Larsen Shop with Affiliates3323550901252504501,500
Rube Walker Shop with Affiliates333152030355090210
Bob Miller Shop with Affiliates334152030355090210
Don Hoak Shop with Affiliates335152030355090210
Ellis Kinder Shop with Affiliates336152030355090210
Bobby Morgan Shop with Affiliates337152030355090210
Jim Delsing Shop with Affiliates338152030355090210
Rance Pless Shop with Affiliates339101545751853151,000
Mickey McDermott Shop with Affiliates3402035601003009004,000

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