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  • Editor’s Note
  • Bear Market
  • Kaboom/Kabust
  • Fast Five
  • Video Game Mode
  • League of Legends
  • Cartridge Crusades
  • National Treasures
  • The Midas Touch
  • Sidekick Season
  • Editor’s Note
  • Catch a Tiger by the Grail
  • Kaboom/Kabust
  • Fast Five
  • Big Game Hunting
  • Legion of BANG!
  • Flea Flicker
  • Jurgela FC
  • The Midas Touch
Cover of PSA Magazine August 2022
  • Cooperstown, Colorado
  • Editor’s Note
  • Moneyball Micks
  • Kaboom/Kabust
  • Splash Zone
  • Wide Angles, Bright Futures, Can’t Lose
  • Keys to the Vault
  • Black Star Galactica
  • Iconic Editions
  • DMND-MT 10
  • Catch Them If You Can
  • Fast Five
  • The Midas Touch
Cover of PSA Magazine July 2022
  • Affinity Stones
  • Editor’s Note
  • Mystic Mamba
  • The Autograph Archivist
  • Pocket Monsters
  • Demons on the Diamond
  • The Midas Touch
  • Into the Spida-Verse
  • Kaboom/Kabust
Cover of PSA Magazine June 2022
  • Green Sun Rising
  • Editor’s Note
  • Toy Store 10s
  • Kaboom/Kabust
  • 2008: A Chrome Odyssey
  • Refractor Road
  • Metazoo University
  • Legends in the Rearview
Cover of PSA Magazine May 2022
  • ‘90s Kid
  • Editor’s Note
  • Modern Mojo
  • Kaboom or Kabust
  • She’s Out of Your PC
  • (Active) WNBA Royalty
  • The Art of Computer Collecting
  • Down Memory Lane With a Hobby Legend
  • Slab Wars: The Chosen One – Trae Young
Cover of PSA Magazine April 2022
  • Major League Baseball Season Preview
  • Editor’s Note
  • PSA TCG News Update: PSA Celebrates Pokémon Nostalgia at Leonhart’s ‘90s Pop Up Shop
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Fernando Tatis Jr.
  • PSA News
  • What’s Trending at PSA?
  • Set Registry Collector Spotlight: Jonathan Magill
  • Collector Profile: Logan Ward – Meet the “Nascard” King
  • PSA Set Registry: Dragon Ball Super: Assault of the Saiyans Special Rare Signature Cards
Cover of PSA Magazine March 2022
  • 1990 Marvel Universe Set – Finally Being “Marveled”
  • Editor’s Note
  • PSA Set Registry: The Seven Wonders of the Soccer Collecting World
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Pikachu
  • PSA News
  • What’s Trending at PSA?
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: David Cogdeill
  • PSA Set Registry: PSA Launches Master Set to Honor Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s Legacy
  • Collector Profile: Marc Favara – Mastering a Ted Williams Card Collection
  • PSA Set Registry: PSA Set Registry Salutes Pokémon’s Creative Minds with Artist-Themed Card Sets
Cover of PSA Magazine February 2022
  • Prized Prizm Rookies – Collecting the Cream of the 2018 to 2020 NFL Draft Classes
  • Editor’s Note
  • PSA News Update: Kevin Lenane Named PSA President
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Lamar Jackson
  • Collectors Update: Collectors Holdings Acquires Trading Card Valuation Platform Card Ladder
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: Eric Jensen
  • PSA Set Registry: Super Bowl Tickets Offer More Than Just Entry to the Big Game
  • PSA Set Registry: To Serve, With Love – Serena and Venus Williams Cards Enjoy Some Good Bounce
Cover of PSA Magazine January 2022
  • From Mikan to MJ, From Cousy to Curry – Collecting the NBA 75th Anniversary Team Set
  • Editor’s Note
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: Hart_Collection
  • PSA News Update: Newton’s Rings: Understanding the Encapsulation Illusion
  • PSA Hobby Update: Defining Collateralized Loans
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  • Artist Profile: ‘There Is Only One’– A New Art Series Hits It Out of the Park
  • PSA Editorial: Chronicling Michael Jordan’s Most Coveted Autographed Game-Used Jersey Card
  • PSA TCG Update: PSA Set Registry Recognizes Rising TCG MetaZoo with New Set

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