A Message from PSA

Dear Collectors,

The past few years at PSA have flown by at breakneck speed. We’ve seen more changes than any of us could have ever imagined: record numbers of daily submissions; the temporary suspension of service levels; the hiring of hundreds of new employees; capacity growth to over 40,000 cards processed per day; and a change in company ownership resulting in a shift from a public company to being privately held. And of course, all this taking place during a global pandemic, just to keep us on our toes.

More change is occurring this week. I have accepted a new position with PSA’s parent company, Collectors Universe, to become its first-ever Chief Marketing Officer, which means I will no longer be serving as PSA President. Personally, and professionally, I welcome the opportunity to further advance PSA’s ever-growing brand and strengthen its No. 1 ranking in the authentication and grading industry. My background before being named PSA President in 2018 was in marketing and product innovation, and I’m eager to apply that experience to PSA and Collectors Universe’s family of brands.

Kevin Lenane, who has been working as our Vice President of Product for the past seven months, will now take over as PSA President. Kevin is an experienced business leader whose company, Genamint, we acquired earlier this year to help PSA implement technology in our grading practices to improve efficiency, quality assurance and turnaround times. Kevin will continue our commitment to improving and advancing the quality of all we do. I pass the baton to Kevin and look forward to working alongside him in the years to come.

Thank you,

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Steve Sloan, Collectors Universe Chief Marketing Officer