Set Registry Information

It's Fun! It's Easy! It's FREE!

The FREE, interactive PSA Set Registry program has revolutionized trading card and ticket collecting around the world. Established in 2001, the PSA Set Registry now hosts nearly 150,000 sets. In addition to the major sports' categories like baseball, basketball, football and hockey, it offers categories in miscellaneous sports and non-sports.

Home to the world's finest trading card and ticket collections, the PSA Set Registry gives collectors the opportunity to safely show off their PSA-graded items in a secure online environment and compare their collections to some of the greatest ever assembled. You can start with just one card or ticket and build your set over time or add an entire collection. You can post images of your items, view those of other collectors in your area of interest and go from there!

Plus, members of the Set Registry have access to the Shop Button, an incredible search tool that makes finding cards easier than ever. The Shop Button saves you time by bringing card listings to you, all within an organized and filterable interface. This means you can search every conceivable venue for the card you need – before someone else finds it – in just a few clicks.

How the PSA Set Registry Works

To begin, just sign up here. There is no software to download, and everything you do is done securely over the Internet. The PSA Set Registry is exclusively for PSA-graded cards and tickets, so you will need the certification numbers of the items you intend to register. (For more information about how to get your collectibles certified, click here.)

Once you have added your cards or tickets, you are ready to begin building sets based on your inventory. You will find step-by-step instructions to help you build your first set.

You can remain completely anonymous in the PSA Set Registry if you so choose. You can name your sets how you wish, and you can even elect to keep your set closed from public view until you are ready to unveil your collection.

The PSA Set Registry enables you to track your inventory, costs and populations, build and update sets, enjoy friendly competition, meet other collectors who share common interests, create a photo album of your collection, and share your sets with others. In addition, you can perform "What If?" scenarios to see how the addition of new items will change your set ratings.

Sets listed in the PSA Set Registry as "Current" are active sets and are ranked in order of the set rating. The Registry is highly interactive, and sets are continually being added and upgraded. Sets listed in the "All-Time Finest" area may include retired sets that were complete at one time but have since been dispersed. These are some of the finest collections ever assembled and provide benchmarks to which you can compare your own collection.

Benefits of PSA Set Registration

As if the fun you'll have participating in the PSA Set Registry is not enough, you will also receive other important benefits:

  • Recognition for your collection. If your set is in the top five "All-Time Finest," your collection (and your name, if you desire) will be listed in the PSA Set Registry at the top of the list of all sets in that category.
  • Selling on PSA Set Registry members have exclusive privileges on, the source for all your collecting needs.

SecureScan Images

What are SecureScan images?

When an item completes its grading journey, we take a professional high-resolution image of the front and back. Since January 2019, we have taken these images for items submitted at Express or above service levels. There are plans to expand the offering to additional service levels in the future.

Please note, for items which were submitted at Express or above service levels prior to January of 2019, we do not have SecureScan images. The process of capturing SecureScan images is a recent capability for PSA/DNA items.

How do I enable or disable SecureScan images?

If you would like to enable or disable SecureScan images, you can go to your Preferences within the Set Registry. Within this page, you will see a setting for turning SecureScan images on/off.

Turning on SecureScan images
If you would like to turn on SecureScan images, click on the check box next to the setting. This will now allow for the display of SecureScan wherever you use images within the Set Registry. The exceptions to this are the Digital Album and Scrapbook features. At the moment, they only support member-uploaded images.

Turning off SecureScan images
If you would like to turn off the use of SecureScan images, you can deselect the check box next to the setting and SecureScan will no longer display. If you had been using your own images in parallel with SecureScan images, those images will still remain in place. After disabling SecureScan images, you can continue to upload your own images and at a later date if you wish to turn back on SecureScan images, you can do so.

Why do I see some items with SecureScan images whiles others do not?

In some cases, we do not have an SecureScan image for all the items which we grade. However, we are expanding the capability to include more service levels.

PSA Set Registry Awards

Annually, major awards are presented to the best sets in the following divisions. Winners receive an engraved plaque and an award icon by his or her set listing in the Registry.

  • Best Collection of the Year
  • Best Set of the Year
  • Best Baseball Set of the Year
  • Best Basketball Set of the Year
  • Best Football Set of the Year
  • Best Hockey Set of the Year
  • Best TCG Pokemon Set of the Year
  • Best TCG Yu-Gi-Oh! Set of the Year
  • Best TCG Set of the Year
  • Best Miscellaneous Sports Set of the Year
  • Best Player Set of the Year
  • Best Regional/Oddball Set of the Year
  • Best Unopened Pack Set of the Year
  • Best Non-Sports Set of the Year
  • Best Memorabilia Set of the Year (Bats/Tickets/Autographs)

In addition, the collector with the finest current set that is at least 95% complete in the vintage set categories (pre-1970), 100% complete in the modern set categories (1970-present), or in the case of player and mega sets, have 1,000 or more cards registered in one set, will receive a "Best of the Registry" icon by his or her set listing in the registry. Sets within the TCG category are not separated by vintage/modern. All TCG sets that are ranked #1 and at least 95% complete qualify.

To recognize those All-Time Finest sets, we will be inducting a number of all-time great sets into the PSA Set Registry Hall of Fame every year. Hall of Fame collections and the contest winners will be selected based on a vote by sports card experts.

Special tribute is paid to any collector whose set has won an award for being ranked No. 1 for 10 years in a row with a 10 Year Anniversary icon.