1948 R346 Blue Tint

The 1948 R346 “Blue Tint” baseball 48-card set takes its name for the blue color in which the cards are printed. The original black-and-white photographs of the players appear in blue and are centered near the top of each card with the player’s full name and team printed on the bottom. The blank-backed cards, measuring 2” by 2-5/8”, number from 1-48 at the lowered right corner. The set was originally issued in eight-card strips, six per strip, and focused primarily on the New York teams. From 25-48, variations can be found in black-and-white, and the set also includes variations in team presentation. This scarce and obscure release boasts a number of prominent stars, as well as rookie-era collectibles of Ralph Kiner, Warren Spahn and Jackie Robinson. Key players include: Joe DiMaggio (16), Mel Ott (18a, 18b), Lou Gehrig (29), Jackie Robinson (36), Bobby Feller (43) and Ted Williams (44).


Bobby Feller (Hand Cut-No #)
Bobby Thomson (Hand Cut)
Bobby Thomson (Hand Cut-No #)
Charlie Keller (Hand Cut-No #)
Charlie Keller/White (Hand Cut-No #-Black/White)
Clint Hartung (Hand Cut)
Clint Hartung/White (Hand Cut-No #-Black/White)
Dixie Walker/White (Hand Cut-No #-Black/White)
Ted Williams (Hand Cut-No #)
Tommy Henrich (Hand Cut-No #)
1 Bill Johnson (Hand Cut)
2 Leo Durocher (Brooklyn-Hand Cut)
2 Leo Durocher (New York-Hand Cut)
3 Marty Marion (Hand Cut)
4 Ewell Blackwell (Hand Cut)
5 John Lindell (Hand Cut)
6 Larry Jansen (Hand Cut)
7 Ralph Kiner (Hand Cut)
8 Chuck Dressen (Hand Cut)
9 Bobby Brown (Hand Cut)
10 Luke Appling (Hand Cut)
11 Bill Nicholson (Hand Cut)
12 Phil Masi (Hand Cut)
14 Bob Dillinger (Hand Cut)
15 Pete Suder (Hand Cut)
16 Joe DiMaggio (Hand Cut)
17 John Corriden (Hand Cut)
18 Mel Ott (New York-Hand Cut)
18 Mel Ott (No Team-Hand Cut)
20 Warren Spahn (Hand Cut)
21 Allie Reynolds (Hand Cut)
22 Lou Boudreau (Hand Cut)
23 Harry Majeski (Hand Cut-Photo R.Gumpert)
24 Frank Crosetti (Hand Cut)
25 Gus Niarhos (Hand Cut)
26 Bruce Edwards (Hand Cut)
26 Bruce Edwards (Hand Cut-Black & White)
27 Rudy York (Hand Cut)
27 Rudy York (Hand Cut-Black & White)
28 Don Black (Hand Cut-Black & White)
28 Don Black (Hand Cut-Blue)
29 Lou Gehrig (Hand Cut)
30 Johnny Mize (Hand Cut)
31 Ed Stanky (Hand Cut)
31 Ed Stanky (Hand Cut-Black & White)
32 Vic Raschi (Hand Cut)
33 Cliff Mapes (Hand Cut)
33 Cliff Mapes (Hand Cut-Black & White)
34 Enos Slaughter (Hand Cut)
35 Hank Greenberg (Hand Cut)
36 Jackie Robinson (Hand Cut)
37 Frank Hiller (Hand Cut)
37 Frank Hiller (Hand Cut-Black & White)
38 Bob Elliot (Hand Cut)
38 Bob Elliot (Hand Cut-Black & White)
39 Harry Walker (Hand Cut-Black & White)
40 Ed Lopat (Hand Cut)
42 Tommy Henrich (Hand Cut)
43 Bobby Feller (Hand Cut)
44 Ted Williams (Hand Cut)
46 Johnnie Vander Meer (Hand Cut)