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Mount Rushmore of Baseball Autographs - Current Results

Lou Gehrig

Votes: 274


Other (please specify)

Votes: 224


Jackie Robinson

Votes: 202


Christy Mathewson

Votes: 83


Derek Jeter

Votes: 19


Taking My Hacks Taking My Hacks: Building the Mount Rushmore of Baseball Autographs By Joe Orlando

In our continuing series, building hobby versions of Mount Rushmore, we now turn our sights to the autograph world. The autograph offers a window into the personality of each signer, and when it comes to collecting autographs, there is no doubt that baseball signatures take center stage. In terms of popularity, no other autograph genre comes close.

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1962 Topps Roger Maris PSA MINT 9
1962 TOPPS Roger Maris #1 Ungraded Value: $450 PSA GRADED Price Realized $27,171

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