Sports Market Report Issues

Cover of SMR October 2021
  • Steph Curry – Collecting the Golden Boy’s Rookies and Autographs
  • Editor’s Note
  • PSA Hobby Update: Nat’s Top 10 Cards
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: OaktownScott
  • PSA Update: PSA Uncovers New Information on Suspicious Soccer Stickers
  • Set Registry Starter Kit: Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • PSA Set Registry: Ja Morant – Collectors Looking for More Morant
  • PSA Set Registry: Collecting the 1955 Ashland Aetna Oil Basketball Set
Cover of SMR September 2021
  • Quintessential QBs – Ranking the NFL’s Top 10 Active Quarterbacks
  • A Century of NFL Greats – What’s the Most Iconic Card from Each Decade?
  • Taking My Hacks: Thank you
  • PSA Set Registry: Recognizing Another Year of Hobby Excellence – The 2021 PSA Set Registry Award Winners
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Shohei Ohtani
  • PSA Set Registry: Collecting the 2005 Pokémon EX Delta Species
Cover of SMR August 2021
  • The Top 10 Sports Cards of All Time – 2021 Edition
  • Seller Profile: Loupe – The Sports Card App That’s Changing the Hobby
  • Seller Profile: The Story Behind MySlabs
  • Hobby Update: The $900,000 Pokémon TCG Trade
  • Taking My Hacks: A National Awaits
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Willie Mays
  • Collector Profile: A Website for Wooden Wisdom
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: Brady Hill
  • PSA Set Registry: The PSA Ticket Set Registry – Where Collectors Become Historians
  • PSA Set Registry: Collecting the 1961 Topps Baseball Set
  • PSA Set Registry: Collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! Shonen Jump Championship Prize Cards – Profiles in Rarity
Cover of SMR July 2021
  • Collecting Trae Young – Tracking Down Rookie Cards of the Hawks Point Guard
  • Paying Homage to MLB’s Legendary Yankees
  • Taking My Hacks: You Know It When You See It – The Importance of a First Impression
  • Dealer Update: What’s Happening at Whatnot
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Bo Jackson
  • PSA Set Registry: Collecting 2017 Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Launch, Galactic Battle & Union Force: The “OG” Cards of the Franchise
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: David Ostrowski
Cover of SMR June 2021
  • Like Father, Like Son – Ten Great Father/Son Combinations and Their Best Rookie Cards
  • Taking My Hacks: The Full Monty – How a Trip to the Zoo Confirmed the Card Craze
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: Ryan Hersey
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: The Mannings
  • PSA News Update: PSA Acquires Genamint to Introduce Next-Generation Technology to Grading Process
  • Collector Profile: The Offering of Dr. Thomas Newman’s Paper Babies
  • Family Profile: The Boone Family – Three Generations of Baseball and Trading Cards
Cover of SMR May 2021
  • Player Profile: Collecting Fernando Tatis Jr. – Tracking Down Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Amidst a Hobby Tidal Wave
  • Taking My Hacks: Why Buying Through the Lens of a Collector Is Best
  • PSA Set Registry Collector Spotlight: Kevin McHolland
  • Player Profile: Josh Gibson – Collecting the Iconic Cards of a Negro League Legend
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Magic Johnson
  • PSA Set Registry: Collecting the 2005 Pokémon Ex Emerald Trading Card Game Set – Lots of Variety but No Gold
  • PSA Update: Ty Cobb Game-Used Bat, Graded PSA GU 10, Sells for Record $1.1 Million
Cover of SMR April 2021
  • Player Profile: Collecting Kevin Durant – KD’s Cards Climb Back on to Hobby Hot Lists
  • Taking My Hacks: An Avalanche of Cardboard – An Inside Look at the Surge of PSA Submissions
  • PSA Services Update: PSA Unveils New Autographed – Funko POP! Encapsulation Service
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Aaron Rodgers
  • PSA Update: Dream of Being a PSA Grader? This Might Be Your Chance!
  • Collector Profile: Collecting Soccer’s Best – Lifelong Card Collector Damian Olivera Tackles the Lionel Messi Master Set
Cover of SMR March 2021
  • PSA Set Registry: Yogi Berra – Collecting Yogi ‘Ain’t What It Used to Be’
  • Taking My Hacks: The Lower Half of the Grading Scale Is Making Noise
  • Player Profile: Justin Herbert – Card Collectors Hungry for Herbert Rookies
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Gale Sayers
  • Collector Profile: Mike Smaili – Breathing Fire into Dragon Ball Super Collecting
  • PSA APR Update: Ten Remarkable Prices for PSA-Certified Cards Sold During 2020
Cover of SMR February 2021
  • Player Profile: Collecting Russell Wilson – Seahawks Star Finally Winning Over Card and Autograph Collectors
  • Taking My Hacks: Four Collector Tips for Buying in a Blazing Market
  • Collector Profile: Brady Hill Plants His Flag atop the T206 Ty Cobb Mountain
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Lance Alworth
  • PSA Update: Vintage Ty Cobb Type 1 Photo Reaches New Milestone
Cover of SMR January 2021
  • Player Profile: Clayton Kershaw – Collecting Cards and Autographs of a New World Series Champ
  • Taking My Hacks: 2020 – In a Year of Loss, How Collectors Can Help Preserve Memories
  • PSA Set Registry Starter Kit: Sandy Koufax
  • Artist Profile: James Fiorentino – The Shortstop Turned Show-Stopping Artist
  • PSA Set Registry: 1994 Magic: The Gathering Fallen Empires – Building a Small Vintage Magic ‘Empire’ on a Budget

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