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Presidential Autographs Presidential Autograph Values from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the Presidential Autographs set.
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Presidential Autographs

DescriptionPresidential TermYODCutDoc/TLS **ALS **Photo
George Washington1789-97179960001500030000
John Adams - During Presidency1797-1801182635001000020000
John Adams1750650017500
Thomas Jefferson - During Presidency1801-0918264000850030000
Thomas Jefferson2750750016500
James Madison - During Presidency1809-17183650020004500
James Madison40015003000
James Monroe - During Presidency1817-25183150020004500
James Monroe40015003000
John Quincy Adams - During Presidency1825-29184840012004000
John Quincy Adams35010002750
Andrew Jackson - During Presidency1829-37184580025005000
Andrew Jackson50017503500
Martin Van Buren - During Presidency1837-41186235010002750
Martin Van Buren2507001250
William Henry Harrison - During Presidency18411841UNK100000200000
William Henry Harrison70016504250
John Tyler - During Presidency1841-45186250013502500
John Tyler35010002000
James K. Polk - During Presidency1845-49184960020003500
James K. Polk50015002500
Zachary Taylor - During Presidency1849-5018501200500013000
Zachary Taylor70017503500
Millard Fillmore - During Presidency1850-53187450013502500
Millard Fillmore250700125010000
Franklin Pierce - During Presidency1853-57186960015002200
Franklin Pierce 5008501350
James Buchanan - During Presidency1857-61186845012502500
James Buchanan 350100015004500
Abraham Lincoln - During Presidency1861-651865450095002500065000
Abraham Lincoln4000800012500
Andrew Johnson - During Presidency1865-691875500175050004000
Andrew Johnson40090035003250
Ulysses S. Grant - During Presidency1869-771885750150027503500
Ulysses S. Grant600135020002750
Rutherford B. Hayes - During Presidency1877-81189335070012503000
Rutherford B. Hayes2005006501750
James Abram Garfield - During Presidency1881188150001500042500
James Abram Garfield25070010001750
Chester A. Arthur - During Presidency1881-85188640010004250
Chester A. Arthur3257501250900
Grover Cleveland - During Presidency1885-89190830060010001500
Grover Cleveland250400650750
Benjamin Harrison - During Presidency1889-93190140010002000
Benjamin Harrison2255008001750
Grover Cleveland - During Presidency1893-9719082756008501500
Grover Cleveland225400600750
William McKinley - During Presidency1897-1901190140080025001250
William McKinley2506501000750
Theodore Roosevelt - During Presidency1901-091919500120035002000
Theodore Roosevelt27585016501250
William Howard Taft - During Presidency1909-1319302256503250600
William Howard Taft150350850450
Woodrow Wilson - During Presidency1913-2119244257505500700
Woodrow Wilson2506001100500
Warren G. Harding - During Presidency1921-23192335070010000650
Warren G. Harding2254001000500
Calvin Coolidge - During Presidency1923-2919332005003750600
Calvin Coolidge150275750375
Herbert Clark Hoover - During Presidency1929-33196420050035000500
Herbert Clark Hoover1002751650400
Franklin D. Roosevelt - During Presidency1933-4519453501750200001000
Franklin D. Roosevelt25012502200750
Harry S. Truman - During Presidency1945-5319723256505500550
Harry S. Truman1503751750325
Dwight D. Eisenhower - During Presidency1953-61196932575022500550
Dwight D. Eisenhower2756503500475
John F. Kennedy - During Presidency1961-63196315003750125004500
John F. Kennedy1350220045002500
Lyndon B. Johnson - During Presidency1963-69197325010003250450
Lyndon B. Johnson2004001750350
Richard M. Nixon - During Presidency1969-74199422575027500450
Richard M. Nixon1753501750275
Gerald R. Ford - During Presidency1974-7720061256504000175
Gerald R. Ford752501000100
Jimmy Earl Carter - During Presidency1977-81N/A1509006500200
Jimmy Earl Carter75250900100
Ronald Wilson Reagan - During Presidency1981-89200450020006000600
Ronald Wilson Reagan3506501500400
George H. W. Bush - During Presidency1989-93N/A1756001000350
George H. W. Bush 100275600275
William J. Clinton - During Presidency1993-2001N/A40018504000450
William J. Clinton2506502200300
George W. Bush - During Presidency2001-2008N/A1505502000400
George W. Bush 100300700275
Barack Obama - During Presidency2008-PresentN/A1254501250375
Barack Obama65100175250
Donald Trump - During Presidency2017-PresentN/A150+500+1500+450+
Donald Trump100+150+250+350+
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