2000 Pokémon Gym Heroes

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Blaine's Moltres - Holo-1st Edition Shop13007505,500
Brock's Rhydon - Holo-1st Edition Shop22550175
Erika's Clefable - Holo-1st Edition Shop32040100
Erika's Dragonair - Holo-1st Edition Shop41503501,000
Erika's Vileplume - Holo-1st Edition Shop52545120
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz - Holo-1st Edition Shop62555130
Lt. Surge's Fearow - Holo-1st Edition Shop71002501,500
Lt. Surge's Magneton - Holo-1st Edition Shop82040100
Misty's Seadra - Holo-1st Edition Shop92555130
Misty's Tentacruel - Holo-1st Edition Shop102555130
Rocket's Hitmonchan - Holo-1st Edition Shop112040100
Rocket's Moltres - Holo-1st Edition Shop12125200800
Rocket's Scyther - Holo-1st Edition Shop132003503,500
Sabrina's Gengar - Holo-1st Edition Shop144006505,000
Brock - Holo-1st Edition Shop151002502,500
Erika - Holo-1st Edition Shop162555130
Lt. Surge - Holo-1st Edition Shop171251751,500
Misty - Holo-1st Edition Shop182555130
The Rocket's Trap - Holo-1st Edition Shop192550110
Brock's Golem-1st Edition Shop202040100
Brock's Onix-1st Edition Shop212040100
Brock's Rhyhorn-1st Edition Shop222040100
Brock's Sandslash-1st Edition Shop232040100
Brock's Zubat-1st Edition Shop242040100
Erika's Clefairy-1st Edition Shop252040100
Erika's Victreebel-1st Edition Shop262040100
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz-1st Edition Shop272040100
Lt. Surge's Raichu-1st Edition Shop282040100
Misty's Cloyster-1st Edition Shop292040100
Misty's Goldeen-1st Edition Shop302040100
Misty's Poliwrath-1st Edition Shop312040100
Misty's Tentacool-1st Edition Shop322040100
Rocket's Snorlax-1st Edition Shop332040100
Sabrina's Venomoth-1st Edition Shop342040100
Blaine's Growlithe-1st Edition Shop352040100
Blaine's Kangaskhan-1st Edition Shop362040100
Blaine's Magmar-1st Edition Shop372040100
Brock's Geodude-1st Edition Shop382040100
Brock's Golbat-1st Edition Shop392040100
Brock's Graveler-1st Edition Shop402040100
Brock's Lickitung-1st Edition Shop412040100
Erika's Dratini-1st Edition Shop422040100
Erika's Exeggcute-1st Edition Shop432040100
Erika's Exeggutor-1st Edition Shop442040100
Erika's Gloom-1st Edition Shop452040100
Erika's Gloom-1st Edition Shop462040100
Erika's Oddish-1st Edition Shop472040100
Erika's Weepinbell-1st Edition Shop482040100
Erika's Weepinbell-1st Edition Shop492040100
Lt. Surge's Magnemite-1st Edition Shop502040100
Lt. Surge's Raticate-1st Edition Shop512040100
Lt. Surge's Spearow-1st Edition Shop522040100
Misty's Poliwhirl-1st Edition Shop532040100
Misty's Psyduck-1st Edition Shop542040100
Misty's Seaking-1st Edition Shop552040100
Misty's Starmie-1st Edition Shop562040100
Misty's Tentacool-1st Edition Shop572040100
Sabrina's Haunter-1st Edition Shop582040100
Sabrina's Jynx-1st Edition Shop592040100
Sabrina's Slowbro-1st Edition Shop602040100
Blaine's Charmander-1st Edition Shop612040100
Blaine's Growlithe-1st Edition Shop622040100
Blaine's Ponyta-1st Edition Shop632040100
Blaine's Tauros-1st Edition Shop642040100
Blaine's Vulpix-1st Edition Shop652040100
Brock's Geodude-1st Edition Shop662040100
Brock's Mankey-1st Edition Shop672040100
Brock's Mankey-1st Edition Shop682040100
Brock's Onix-1st Edition Shop692040100
Brock's Rhyhorn-1st Edition Shop702040100
Brock's Sandshrew-1st Edition Shop712040100
Brock's Sandshrew-1st Edition Shop722040100
Brock's Vulpix-1st Edition Shop732040100
Brock's Zubat-1st Edition Shop742040100
Erika's Bellsprout-1st Edition Shop752040100
Erika's Bellsprout-1st Edition Shop762040100
Erika's Exeggcute-1st Edition Shop772040100
Erika's Oddish-1st Edition Shop782040100
Erika's Tangela-1st Edition Shop792040100
Lt. Surge's Magnemite-1st Edition Shop802040100
Lt. Surge's Pikachu-1st Edition Shop812040100
Lt. Surge's Rattata-1st Edition Shop822040100
Lt. Surge's Spearow-1st Edition Shop832040100
Lt. Surge's Voltorb-1st Edition Shop842040100
Misty's Goldeen-1st Edition Shop852040100
Misty's Horsea-1st Edition Shop862040100
Misty's Poliwag-1st Edition Shop872040100
Misty's Seel-1st Edition Shop882040100
Misty's Shellder-1st Edition Shop892040100
Misty's Staryu-1st Edition Shop902040100
Sabrina's Abra-1st Edition Shop912040100
Sabrina's Drowzee-1st Edition Shop922040100
Sabrina's Gastly-1st Edition Shop932040100
Sabrina's Mr. Mime-1st Edition Shop942040100
Sabrina's Slowpoke-1st Edition Shop952040100
Sabrina's Venonat-1st Edition Shop962040100
Blaine's Quiz #1-1st Edition Shop972040100
Brock-1st Edition Shop982040100
Charity-1st Edition Shop992040100
Erika-1st Edition Shop1002040100
Lt. Surge-1st Edition Shop1012040100
Misty-1st Edition Shop1022040100
No Removal Gym-1st Edition Shop1032040100
Rocket's Training Gym-1st Edition Shop1042040100
Blaine's Last Resort-1st Edition Shop1052040100
Brock's Training Method-1st Edition Shop1062040100
Celadon City Gym-1st Edition Shop1072040100
Cerulean City Gym-1st Edition Shop1082040100
Erika's Maids-1st Edition Shop1092040100
Erika's Perfume-1st Edition Shop1102040100
Good Manners-1st Edition Shop1112040100
Lt. Surge's Treaty-1st Edition Shop1122040100
Minion of Team Rocket-1st Edition Shop1132040100
Misty's Wrath-1st Edition Shop1142040100
Pewter City Gym-1st Edition Shop1152040100
Recall-1st Edition Shop1162040100
Sabrina's Esp-1st Edition Shop1172040100
Secret Mission-1st Edition Shop1182040100
Tickling Machine-1st Edition Shop1192040100
Vermilion City Gym-1st Edition Shop1202040100
Blaine's Gamble-1st Edition Shop1212040100
Energy Flow-1st Edition Shop1222040100
Misty's Duel-1st Edition Shop1232040100
Narrow Gym-1st Edition Shop1242040100
Sabrina's Gaze-1st Edition Shop1252040100
Trash Exchange-1st Edition Shop1262040100
Fighting Energy-1st Edition Shop1272040100
Fire Energy-1st Edition Shop1282040100
Grass Energy-1st Edition Shop1292040100
Lightning Energy-1st Edition Shop1302040100
Psychic Energy-1st Edition Shop1312040100
Water Energy-1st Edition Shop1322040100
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