1977 Topps Star Wars Cards

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Cards 2-6661875
Luke Skywalker Shop1502501,500
See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo Shop2825100
The little droid, Artoo-Detoo Shop3825100
Space pirate Han Solo Shop41855300
Princess Leia Organa Shop51075300
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi Shop61030100
The Villainous Darth Vader Shop71570700
Grand Moff Tarkin Shop81030250
Rebels defend their starship! Shop961875
Princess Leia-captured! Shop1061875
Artoo is imprisoned by the Jawas Shop1161875
The droids are reunited! Shop1261875
A sale on droids! Shop1361875
Luke checks out his new droid Shop1461875
Artoo-Detoo is left behind! Shop1561875
Jawas of Tatooine Shop1661875
Lord Vader threatens Princess Leia! Shop1761875
Artoo-Detoo is missing! Shop1861875
Searching for the little driod Shop1961875
Hunted by the sandpeople! Shop2061875
The Tusken Raiders Shop2161875
Rescued by Ben Kenobi Shop2261875
See-Threepio is injured Shop2361875
Stormtroopers seek the droids! Shop2461875
Luke rushes to save his loved ones Shop2561875
A horrified Luke sees his family killed Shop2661875
Some repairs for See-Threepio Shop2761875
Luke Agrees to join Ben Kenobi Shop2861875
Stopped by Storm Troopers Shop2961875
Han in the Millennium Falcon Shop3061875
Sighting the Death Star Shop3161875
Lord Vader's Guards Shop3261875
The driods in the Control Room Shop3361875
See-Threepio diverts the guards Shop3461875
Luke and Han as stormtroopers Shop3561875
Blast of the laser rifle! Shop3661875
Cornered in the labyrinth Shop3761875
Luke and Han in the refuse room Shop3861875
Steel walls close in on our heroes! Shop3961875
Droids rescue their masters! Shop4061875
Facing the deadly chasm Shop4161875
Stromtroopers attack! Shop4261875
Luke prepares to swing across the charm Shop4361875
Han and Chewie shoot it out! Shop4461875
The light sabre Shop4561875
A desperate moment for Ben Shop4661875
Luke prepares for the battle Shop4761875
Artoo-Detoois loaded aboard Shop4861875
The rebels monitor the raid Shop4961875
rebel leaders wonder about their fate! Shop5061875
See-Threepio and Princess Leia Shop5161875
Who will wim the final Star War! Shop5261875
Battle in our outer space! Shop531030175
The victors receive their reward Shop5461875
Han, Chewie and Luke Shop5561875
A day of rejoicing! Shop5661875
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker Shop571040250
Harrison Ford as Han Solo Shop5861875
Alec Guinness as Ben Kenobi! Shop5961875
Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin Shop6061875
Mark Hamill in Control Room Shop6161875
Lord Vader's stormtroopers Shop6261875
May the Force be with you! Shop6335300750
Governor of Imperial Outlands Shop6461875
Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill Shop6561875
Amazing robot See-Threepio Shop6661875
See-Threepio and Luke Shop6761560
The Millennium Falcon Shop6861560
Threepio's desert trek! Shop6961560
Special mission for Artoo-Detoo! Shop705125650
The incredible See-Threepio! Shop7161560
Ben Kenobi rescues Luke Shop7261560
The droids wait for Luke Shop7361560
Luke Skywalker on Tatooine Shop7461560
Darth Vader strangles a rebel! Shop7561560
Artoo-Detoo on the rebel starship! Shop7661560
Waiting in the control room Shop7761560
Droids to the rescue! Shop7861560
Preparing to board Solo's spaceship! Shop7961560
"Where has R2-D2 gone?" Shop8061560
Weapons of the Death Star! Shop8161560
A daring rescue! Shop8261560
Aboard the Millenium Falcon Shop8361560
Rebel pilot prepares for the raid! Shop8461560
Luke on the sand planet Shop8561560
A Mighty Explosion! Shop8661560
The droids try to rescue Luke! Shop8761560
Stromtroopers guard Soslo's ship Shop8861560
The imprisoned Princess Leia Shop8961560
Honoring the victors! Shop9061560
Solo and Chewie prepare to leave Luke Shop9161560
Advance of the Tusken Raider Shop9261560
Stormtroopers blast the rebels! Shop9361560
Interrogated by stormtroopers! Shop9461560
Sighting Artoo-Detoo! Shop9561560
The driods on Tatooine Shop9661560
Meeting at the cantina Shop9761560
See-Threepio Shop9861560
Ben with the light sabre! Shop9961560
Our heroes at the spaceport Shop10061560
The Wookie Chewbacca Shop10161560
Rebels prepare for the big fight! Shop10261560
Stormtroopers attack our heroes! Shop10361560
Luke's uncle and aunt Shop10461560
Imperial soldiers burn Shop10561560
A message from Princess Leia! Shop10661560
The Tusken Raiders Shop10761560
Princess Leia observes the battle! Shop10861560
Ben turns off the Tractor beam Shop10961560
Threepio fools the guards! Shop11061560
Chewie and han Solo! Shop11161560
Threatened by Sandpeople! Shop11261560
Ben hides from Imperial stormtroopers! Shop11361560
Planning to escape! Shop11461560
Hiding in the Millennium Falcon! Shop11561560
Honored for their heroism! Shop11661560
Chewbacca poses as a prisoner! Shop11761560
R2-D2 and C-3PO Shop11861560
Threepio, Ben and Luke! Shop11961560
Luke destroys an Imperial ship! Shop12061560
Han Solo and Chewbacca Shop12161560
The Millenium Falcon seeds through space! Shop12261560
Solo blasts a stormtrooper! Shop123575700
Threepio searches for R2-D2 Shop12461560
Luke in disguise! Shop12561560
A quizzical Threepio! Shop12661560
The Rebel Fleet Shop12761560
Roar of the Wookiee! Shop12861560
"May The Force be with you!" Shop12961560
Pursued by the Jawas! Shop13061560
Spectacular battle! Shop13161560
Lord Vader and a soldier Shop1326150
Ben and Luke help C-3PO to his feet Shop13361560
Luke dreams of being a star pilot Shop13461560
Cantina troubles! Shop13561560
Danger from all sides! Shop13661560
Luke attacked by a strange creature Shop13761560
On the track of the droids Shop13861560
Han Solo…hero or mercenary? Shop13961560
"R2-D2, whre are you?" Shop14061560
Some quick-thinking by Luke! Shop14161560
Darth Vader inspects the throttled ship Shop14261560
Droids on the sand planet Shop14361560
Harrison Ford as Han Solo Shop14461560
Escape from the death Star! Shop14561560
Luke Skywalker's aunt preparing dinner Shop14661560
Bargaining with the Jawas! Shop14761560
The fearsome stormtroopers! Shop14861560
The evil Grand Moff Tarkin Shop14961560
Shoot-out at the chasm! Shop15061560
Planning an escape! Shop15161560
Spirited Princess Leia! Shop15261560
The fantastic droid Threepio! Shop15361560
Princess Leia comforts Luke! Shop15461560
The Escape Pod is jettisoned! Shop15561560
R2-D2 is lifted aboard! Shop15661560
"Learn about the Force, Luke!" Shop15761560
Rebel victory Shop15861560
Luke Skywalker's home Shop15961560
Destroying a world! Shop16061560
Preparing for the raid! Shop16161560
Han Solo cornered by Greedo! Shop16261560
Caught in the tractor beam! Shop16361560
Tusken Raiders capture Luke! Shop16461560
Escaping from stormtroopers! Shop16561560
A close call for Luke and Princess Leia! Shop16661560
Surrounded by Lord Vader's soldiers! Shop16761560
Hunting the fugitives Shop16861560
Meeting at the Death Star! Shop16961560
Luke and the princess…trapped! Shop17061560
"The walls are moving!" Shop17161560
Droids in the Escaepe Pod Shop17261560
The stormtroopers Shop17361560
Solo aims for trouble! Shop17461560
A closer look at a "Jawa" Shop17561560
Luke Skywalker's dream Shop17661560
Solo swings into action! Shop17761560
The Star Warriors! Shop17861560
Stormtroopers search the spaceport! Shop17961560
Princess Leia honors the victors Shop18061560
Peer Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin Shop18161560
Deadly blasters! Shop18261560
Dave Prowse as Darth Vader Shop18361560
Luke and his uncle Shop18461560
Luke on Tatooine Shop18561560
The Jawas Shop18661560
Threepio and friend Shop18761560
Starship unde fire! Shop18861560
Mark Hamill is Luke Shop18961560
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Shop190560300
Life on the desert world Shop19161560
Liberated Princess! Shop19261560
Luke's uncle buys Threepio! Shop19361560
Stormtroopers attack! Shop19461560
Alec Guinness as Ben Kenobi Shop19561560
Lord Darth Vader Shop19661560
Leia blasts a stromtrooper! Shop19761560
Luke decides to leave Tatooine! Shop19861560
The star warriors aim for action! Shop19961560
C-3PO searches for his counterpart Shop20061560
Raid at Mos Eisley! Shop20161560
Inquiring about Oobi-Wan Kenobi Shop20261560
A band of Jawas Shop20361560
Stalking the corridors of Death Star Shop20461560
Desperate moments for our heroes! Shop20561560
Searching for the missing driod Shop20661560
C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) Shop207a2080300
C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) Error Shop207b903502,500
Luke Skywalker on the desert planet Shop20861560
The Rebel Troops Shop20961560
Princess Leia blasts the enemy Shop21061560
A proud moment for Han and Luke Shop21161560
A stormtrooper is blasted! Shop21261560
Monitoring the battle Shop21361560
Luke and Leia shortly before the raid Shop21461560
Han bows out of the battle Shop21561560
Han and Leia quarrel about the escape plan Shop21661560
The Dark Lord of the Sith Shop21761560
Luke Skywalker's home…destroyed! Shop21861560
The swing to freedom! Shop21961560
"I'm going to regret this!" Shop22061560
Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) Shop22161560
"Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?" Shop22261560
Han Solo covers his friends Shop22361560
Luke's secret yen for action! Shop22461560
Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser) Shop22561560
Portrait of a princess Shop22661560
Instructing the Rebel pilots Shop22761560
R2-D2 is inspected by the Jawas Shop22861560
Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing) Shop22961560
Guarding the Millenium Falcon Shop23061560
Discussing the Death Star's future Shop23161560
The Empire strikes back! Shop23261560
Raiding the Rebel Starship Shop23361560
Envisioning the Rebel's destruction Shop23461560
Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) Shop23561560
Readying the Rebel fleet Shop23661560
The Deadly grip of Darth Vader Shop23761560
Uncle Owen Lars (Phil Brown) Shop23861560
The young star warrior Shop23961560
Artoos' desperate mission Shop24061560
The Rebel fighter ships Shop24161560
Death Star shootoout! Shop24261560
Rebels in the trench! Shop24361560
Waiting at Mos Eisley Shop2446100550
Member of the evil Empire Shop24561560
Stormtrooper-tool of the Empire Shop24661560
Soldier of Evil! Shop24761560
Luke suspects the worst about his family Shop24861560
Ben Kenobi (Alec Guinness) Shop249520750
Luke and Ben on Tatooine Shop25061560
An overjoyed Han Solo! Shop25161560
The honored heroes! Shop25261560
R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) Shop25361560
Darth Vader (David Prowse) Shop2541545
Luke poses with his weapon Shop25561560
The marvelous driod See-Threepio! Shop25661560
A pair of Jawas Shop25761560
Fighting Impossible odds! Shop25861560
Challenging the evil Empire! Shop25961560
Han Solo (Harrison Ford) Shop26061560
Fury of the Tusken Raider Shop26161560
Creature of Tatooine Shop26261560
The courage of Luke Skywalker Shop26361560
Star pilot Luke Skywalker! Shop26461560
Anxious moments for the Rebels! Shop26561560
Threepio and Leia monitor the battle Shop266545650
No-nonsense privateer Han Solo! Shop26761560
Ben prepares to turn off the tractor beam Shop26861560
Droids on the run Shop26961560
Luke Skywalker : farmbioy-turned-warrior! Shop27061560
"Do you think they'll melt us down, Artoo?" Shop27161560
Corridors of the Death Star Shop27261560
"This is all your fault, Artoo!" Shop27361560
Droids trick the stormtroopers! Shop27461560
Guarding the Millennium Falcon Shop27561560
It's not wise to upset a Wookiee! Shop27661560
Bizarre Inhabitants of the cantina! Shop27761560
A narrow escape! Shop27861560
Awaiting the Imperial attack Shop27961560
"Remember Luke, The Force will be with you" Shop28061560
A monstrous thirst! Shop28161560
"Hurry up, Luke -we're gonna have company!" Shop28261560
The cantina musicians Shop28361560
Distracted by Solo's assault Shop28461560
Spiffed-up for the Awards Ceremony Shop28561560
Cantina denizens! Shop28661560
Han and Chewie ready for action! Shop28761560
Blasting the enemy! Shop28861560
The Rebel Fighters take off! Shop28961560
Chewie aims for danger! Shop29061560
Lord Vader senses The Force Shop29161560
The Stormtroopers assemble Shop29261560
A friendly chat among alien friends! Shop29361560
Droids make tehir way to the Escpe Pod Shop294665275
Han and the Rebel Pilots Shop29561560
Artoo-Detoo is abducted by Jawas! Shop29661560
Inside the Sandcrawler Shop29761560
Chewie gets riled! Shop29861560
Leia wishes Luke good luck! Shop299550750
A crucial moment for Luke Skywalker Shop30061560
Luke, the Star Warrior! Shop30161560
Threepio and Artoo Shop30261560
Various droids collected by the Jawas Shop30361560
The Jawas ready their new merchandise Shop30461560
Director George Lucas and "Greedo" Shop30561560
Technicians ready C-3PO for the cameras Shop30661560
A touch-up for Chewbacca! Shop30761560
Directing the Cantina creatures Shop30861560
The birthday celebration for Sir Alec Guinness Shop30961560
Filming the Awards Ceremony Shop31061560
The modelbuilders proudly display their work Shop31161560
Using the "blue screen" process for X-wings Shop31261560
The birth of a driod Shop31361560
Shootingin Tunisia Shop31461560
Inside the Millenieum Falcon Shop31561560
Photographing the miniature explosions Shop31661560
Filming explosions on the Death Star Shop31761560
"Make-up" for the Bantha Shop31861560
Dave Prowse and Alec Guinness rehearse Shop31961560
Flight of the Falcon Shop32061560
George Lucas directs his counterpart "Luke" Shop32161560
Constructing the Star Destroyer Shop32261560
Aboard the Millenium Falcon Shop32361560
Chewie takes a breather between scenes Shop32461560
The princess gets the brush! Shop32561560
Animating the "chessboard" creatures Shop32661560
Filming the Sandcrawler Shop32761560
X-wings positioned for the cameras Shop32861560
Sir Alec Guinness and George Lucas Shop32961560
Filming Luke and Threepio in Tunisia Shop33072090

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