Unopened Pack Grading

Unopened Pack Grading

Preserve the quality of your unopened packs while maximizing their security, value and liquidity with PSA authentication and grading.

From vintage classics to modern marvels, PSA can help you protect your prized packs with our revolutionary holder – the finest available in the marketplace.

Utilizing a 1-10 grading scale with 10 being best, each pack is encapsulated in a sonically sealed, tamper-evident case. The case provides safe storage and exceptional visual presentation.

The Grading Process

PSA authenticates both wax and cello packs but does not authenticate Tallboy or Rack Packs.

A series of PSA graders review your packs for authenticity and seal. If genuine and unopened, PSA looks for evidence of resealing, repairing and alterations.

If your packs pass these two steps, PSA grades the condition of each pack on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best. Wear to corners and edges of the wrapper, or staining and toning of the wrapper, will contribute to the grade.

After grading, PSA encapsulates each pack in its own extra thick, tamper-evident case. A label within the case displays the pack's pertinent information and unique certification number.

Max Security

Elite protection for your pack collection

unopened card anatomy

Max Value

Turn your unopened packs into gold

PSA can help you get the most for your unopened packs. As these examples show, packs authenticated and graded by PSA achieve amazing prices at auction.

1971 Topps Baseball Wax Pack
  • 1971 Topps Baseball Wax Pack
  • PSA Graded Price Realized: $2,623
1957 Topps Football Wax Pack
  • 1957 Topps Football Wax Pack
  • PSA Graded Price Realized: $4,977
1986 Fleer Basketball pack with Jordan Card
  • 1986 Fleer Basketball pack with Jordan Card (Top) and Sticker (Back)
  • PSA Graded Price Realized: $19,120

Max Liquidity

The safest and surest way to sell your collection

PSA-certified packs often sell for premium prices due to the strength of the PSA brand. PSA has certified many of the world’s most valuable packs, including this record breaker:

1952 Topps Baseball pack
  • #1 Unopened Pack
  • 1952 Topps Baseball
  • PSA NM-MT 8
  • $62,400
  • (2017 Memory Lane)

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