Ticket Grading

Ticket Grading

Ticket collecting is gaining in popularity as collectors realize that tickets represent tangible artifacts from some of the greatest moments in sports and pop culture. You can preserve your ticket collection, and add much needed security, value and liquidity, with PSA certification.

PSA-graded tickets are placed in custom-designed, tamper-evident cases. These cases provide the most visually appealing form of safe, long-term storage. Plus, a ticket price guide is published monthly online in Sports Market Report.

Ready to have your tickets authenticated and graded by PSA?

The Grading Process

PSA authenticates and grades full and stub tickets from all event types.

PSA graders review your tickets for authenticity. If genuine, PSA looks for evidence of alterations.

If your tickets pass these two steps, PSA grades the condition of each ticket on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best. PSA labels tickets as "Authentic" when requested and when no grade is possible due to excessive wear.

After grading, PSA encapsulates each ticket in its own tamper-evident case. A label within the case displays the ticket’s pertinent information and unique certification number.

Notice to Ticket Submitters – You may request specific milestones or event designations, but PSA reserves the final determination on all designations. Supporting information (website links, articles, images, etc.) from trustworthy sources should be provided for requested milestones. Milestone requests must be included on or attached to the submission form only. PSA may limit the milestones or event designations at their discretion due to character limits on the label. If no milestone or event designation is requested at the time of submission, PSA'S default designation will be used on the label.

Max Security

Elite protection for your ticket collection

ticket anatomy

PSA encapsulates every ticket in a tamper-evident, sonically-sealed case. These attractive, hard plastic cases provide protection from pressure and most damage.

Once encased, you can rest assured that your tickets will remain secure from further wear. Note that the case will not protect your tickets from extraordinary events like fires and floods.

Tickets submitted at the Regular and Economy service level that are 6.25" x 8.25" up to 8.5" x 11" in size will require a Jumbo holder and incur an additional charge of $30. View PSA's current holder sizes to see all the holder sizes available.

Max Value

Turn your tickets into gold

PSA can help you get the most for your tickets. As these examples show, tickets authenticated and graded by PSA achieve amazing prices at auction.

superbowl vii ticket
  • 1978 Super Bowl VII Ticket
  • PSA Graded Price Realized: $31,070
yankee ticket
  • 1948 Babe Ruth
    "Bows Out" Yankee Stadium Full Ticket
  • PSA Graded Price Realized: $21,510
superbowl ii ticket
  • 1968 Super Bowl II Ticket
  • PSA Graded Price Realized: $28,680

Max Liquidity

The safest and surest way to sell your collection

PSA-certified tickets often sell for premium prices due to the strength of the PSA brand. PSA has certified many of the world’s most valuable tickets, including these record breakers:

1927 world series ticket
  • #1 Pre-WWII Sports Ticket
  • 1927 World Series Game 4
  • Full Ticket
  • $41,825
  • (2014 Heritage Auctions)
super bowl ii ticket
  • #1 Post-WWII Sports Ticket
  • 1968 Super Bowl II
  • Full Ticket
  • $36,716
  • (2015 SCP Auctions)
ticket stub
  • #1 Signed Sports Ticket
  • 1939 Lou Gehrig Day
  • Signed Ticket Stub
  • $95,600
  • (2014 Heritage Auctions)

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