In-The-Presence Authentication

In-The-Presence Authentication

When you see the PSA/DNA Guaranteed Authentic certificate, it means the item was autographed in the presence of a PSA/DNA representative.

The certainty that PSA/DNA In-the-Presence authenticated autographs are genuine is 100%, and every collectible that is accompanied by a PSA/DNA Guaranteed Authentic certificate is guaranteed for life!

In-the-Presence authentication by PSA/DNA is absolutely the best way to guarantee the authenticity and maximize the value of your autographed memorabilia.

certificate of authenticity

The PSA/DNA Advantage

Eliminate Counterfeits & Forgeries

The PSA/DNA In-the-Presence authentication process virtually eliminates the problem of counterfeits and forgeries and allows items to be verified each time they change hands.

  1. PSA/DNA representatives witness the item being signed, guaranteeing the authenticity for life.
  2. The item is tagged with permanent, invisible, synthetic DNA-laced ink, verifiable using a proprietary infrared laser.
  3. A Certificate of Authenticity, which contains an embedded logo hologram, is issued and a matching, serialized tamper-evident label is affixed to the item.
  4. Pertinent information including the signer, the type of item, signing location, date, and any notes are logged into the online database for verification.

Together, the non-transferable, tamper-evident PSA/DNA label, matching Certificate of Authenticity, and synthetic DNA used to permanently identify items provide ironclad security.

The chances of replicating the synthetic DNA used by PSA/DNA are 1 in 33 Trillion!

If you are a dealer, promoter, agent, or sports organization and would like more information on the PSA/DNA signed In-The-Presence Authentication programs, call (800) 325-1121 or email [email protected]

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