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Funko POP! Authentication and Grading Service

PSA is now offering authentication and grading of packaged Funko Pop! vinyl figures. Big screen idols, TV stars, superheroes, professional athletes, anime characters and countless other celebrities, entertainers, and historical individuals have been immortalized as Funko Pop! vinyl figures for years.

The popularity of these figures continues to grow every day, and demand for Funko Pops! found in mint condition keeps growing right along with it. We’ve heard customers’ requests and are excited to announce that PSA has created a comprehensive authentication, identification, and grading protocol for Funko Pops!.


Pop! Grading


Estimated Turnaround Time: 62 Business Days *

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  • Includes Pop! Authentication and Grade

* Estimated Turnaround Times are estimates only and not guaranteed. A service level’s Estimated Turnaround Time does not begin until the order has been entered into the grading system. These times are based on, and may be impacted by, PSA’s submission volume and capacity and other unforeseen circumstances. Turnaround Times may change rapidly without notice as conditions change.

Benefits of Funko POP! Grading


Knowing your Funko Pop! is genuine is important to both collectors and potential buyers. The process of identifying your Funko Pop! as an authentic product offers peace of mind for yourself and potential buyers or traders. We will also identify key features of your Pop!, including its year and what variant it is, and other key aspects that make it special such as exclusives and other notable attributes.


PSA has established an industry standard for grading which utilizes a numerical scale from 1 (Poor) to 10 (Gem Mint) by which to judge the quality and condition of your Funko Pop! box with 0.5 intervals used as needed (except 9.5, just like PSA does with grading cards). We currently only grade single 4" Pops!, and do not grade die-cast, 2-pack, multi-packs, 6" Pops!, Pop! rides, custom, unlicensed, counterfeit Pops!, etc.


PSA encapsulates your Funko Pop! in a tamper-evident, sealed case. The attractive, hard plastic cases provide protection from most forms of damage.


Once your Funko Pop! is safely encapsulated inside one of PSA’s UV-resistant, tamper-evident hard plastic cases, it provides a perfect way to preserve the showcase for your collection.


The interlocking top lid provides the ability to safely stack your Funko Pops! on top of one another or position them side-by-side for easy ways to showcase your collection. The clear case even offers 360-degree views of your prized collectible!