PSA Autographed Funko POP! Encapsulation Service

Signature authentication and grading for Funko POP! figures just got better! Now collectors can proudly display autographed POP! figures with the added security of PSA’s tamper-evident holder. Safe, secure and ready to stack.

Important Note: PSA does not authenticate or grade the packaging or the Funko POP figures.

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Autographed Funko POP! Encapsulation Process

Our tamper-evident holders are a great way to safely store or display your special autographed POP! figures.

Step 1

Eligible Items

Only autographed Funko POP! figures and autographed Funko POP! boxes are eligible for encapsulation. Unboxed Funko POP! figures are not eligible for encapsulation.

Step 2


The autograph is first evaluated for authenticity by our authentication staff. If deemed genuine, the autograph is then eligible to be graded on a scale from 1 to 10 (if the customer has selected the grading option).

Step 3


PSA then encapsulates the Funko POP! box along with a PSA Lighthouse™ security label that displays its certification details and a unique PSA certification number.

Step 4


A security sticker with the same PSA certification number is also placed on the item or Letter of Authenticity (LOA). An image of your certified autograph can be verified publicly using PSA’s Certification Verification webpage or mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Autographed Funko POP! Encapsulation? Please check out FAQ’s for answers.

No, PSA does not currently authenticate or grade the condition of the vinyl figure box or the figure inside the box. PSA will only authenticate and grade the autograph(s) on Funko POP! figures and boxes. If the signature passes the authentication process, it will then be encapsulated. An autographed Funko POP! figure submitted without its box is not eligible for encapsulation.

No, at this time PSA will not encapsulate an unsigned Funko POP! An autograph on a Funko POP! figure or its box must pass the authentication process to be encapsulated.

Unfortunately, if the autograph(s) is/are not certified as authentic by PSA, PSA cannot encapsulate the vinyl figure box.

Authentication fees are non-refundable whether the autograph passes authentication or not. If the autograph does not pass the authentication process, the $25 holder charge will be refunded. If you submit your autographed Funko POP! for authentication and encapsulation through a discounted special or promotion, the $25 holder fee is nonrefundable.

If the Funko POP! box is autographed, PSA will authenticate and grade the autograph, and encapsulate the box without the figure inside.

Yes, PSA can encapsulate the figure inside its box even if the autograph is on the figure. Please keep in mind that the box may obscure the autograph, depending on where the figure is signed.

No, PSA doesn’t have to place the sticker on the figure or box, however, it would be required to have the sticker on a Letter of Authenticity (LOA), which can be purchased for $15.

No, the autograph(s) would still need to be authenticated by PSA first to be eligible for encapsulation. If the autograph is not certified authentic by PSA, PSA cannot encapsulate the Funko POP!

Yes, please specify that you want them returned when you fill out the submission form. Plastic boxes will be flattened for shipping purposes. You may be liable for additional shipping fees.

Yes. Encapsulation is not required when authenticating the autograph(s) on your Funko POP! figure or box. Please use the Autograph Submission Form to submit your Funko POP! for authentication.