Mar 30 - Apr 2, 2023

The Mint Collective



Card Grading


On-Site Autograph


Accepting Take-Home Submission

Unopened Packs

Vist PSA Card at Booth #706

On-site Grading 

  • PSA will be offering “on-site grading” for raw cards submitted at the Regular service level or higher. Cut off for "on-site grading" is Saturday, April 1 at 2pm. Any orders submitted after the cut-off date and time will be mailed back to the customer at the normal turnaround times for drop-off submissions. Dual Service, reholders, reviews, crossovers, tickets, and packs are not eligible for "on-site grading." 

    • PSA is requiring collectors to visit the Online Submission Center to prepare and print submission forms before visiting the booth. Bring a copy of the completed submission order along with your cards to the show to expedite the process.

  • We will also be accepting Drop-Off submissions for cards, dual, tickets, packs, Funko Pops! 

Orders submitted for on-site grading will be ready for pick-up in room #104. Room #104 is located in the hallway just right outside of the show floor near the PSA booth where workshops were taking place.


  • PSA will accept mail-in pre-submissions from March 1 - March 30, 2023 for raw cards submitted at the Regular Service level or higher. Pre-submission orders will be available for pick up at the Mint Collective by Saturday, April 1, 2023. Orders must be delivered to PSA no later than March 30th to be eligible for pick up at the show.

    • Dual service, tickets, and packs are not eligible for pre-submission. Please mark the outside of the box “SHOW” so we can expedite your order to meet show deadlines. Orders must arrive by March 30th to be eligible for pre-submission. 

    • Write “The Mint Collective” on the top of the submission form.

    • Cross out “Insured Shipping” and write “Pick up at the Mint” on the submission form.

PSA will be accepting drop-off submissions for take-home service for cards and vault. Bring us your orders, packaged safely and securely, as if you were shipping it yourself (with no postage required!)

Orders must:

  • Be packaged as shown in our packing guidelines
  • Include your name/address and the barcode that you normally place on the outside of your box when shipping to PSA
  • Include a copy of your submission form inside the box AND bring an extra copy to deliver with your box

Date & Time

March 30 - April 2, 2023

FRIDAY MARCH 31 4pm – PSA Grading Opens for MINT Experience Ticket Holders 7pm – 10pm VIP Marketplace Sneak Peek SATURDAY APRIL 1 8am - PSA Grading Opens for VIPs 9am – 6pm General Marketplace Hours SUNDAY APRIL 2 8am - PSA Grading Opens for VIPs 9am – 6pm General Marketplace Hours


MGM Grand
4701 Koval Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Show Location

The Mint Collective
MGM Grand
4701 Koval Ln, Las Vegas NV, 89109 United States of America

Frequently Asked Questions

On-site grading means PSA experts will be authenticating and grading trading cards on-site at the show.

On-site Autograph Authentication means PSA/DNA experts will be authenticating autographs on-site at the show.

Take-home submissions are accepted at the show and brought back to our offices for processing. Once completed, we then ship the submission back to you. For this reason, return shipping charges are required.

PSA accepts the following for take-home submission with completed online submission forms:

  • Trading Cards
  • Autographed Trading Cards for Dual Service
  • Tickets
  • Unopened Packs

Please note that you must complete an online submission center submission form in advance of the show in order for your submission to be accepted for the above services.

PSA no longer accepts paper carbon copy submission forms.

PSA will accept the following using forms secured at the show from our staff:

Want to get a head start?

Complete and print the appropriate submission form for any of the above services in advance and bring it to the show.

Two-hour express Service is our PSA/DNA Express Service or expedited processing service; for an additional cost, you can pay to have your autograph authentication order processed on-site and receive it back in approximately two hours.

PSA/DNA Express Service (Approx. 2 Hours)
1-5 Items 6-10 Items
Authentication Fee + $50 Per Order Authentication Fee + $100 Per Order

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