PSA QuickOpinion

Get a PSA Authenticator’s Opinion Before You Bid


Purchasing autographs without third-party authentication is a risky endeavor.

PSA QuickOpinion provides collectors with a fast, inexpensive way to have online autograph auction listings reviewed by the industry’s leading authentication firm for their opinion. Within approximately 48 hours, PSA authenticators will evaluate the autograph images and provide their candid reaction as it pertains to authenticity.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars, invest as little as $10 on peace of mind. Plus apply the QuickOpinion purchase price as a credit towards full PSA authentication.

QuickOpinion is a fast, low-cost way to get the opinion of our PSA authenticators.

  • Authenticator review
  • Fast turnaround
  • Low cost
  • Credit toward full PSA authentication
  • Available for eBay, Heritage, and other top auctions

How Does It Work?

QuickOpinion is safe and easy to use.

Step 1

Provide PSA with
the auction listing

Step 2

Our authenticators review the
images of the autographs

Step 3

You receive an email with
our opinion

QuickOpinion Results

You will get a qualified opinion based on our authenticator's examination of the image

Likely Genuine

If physically submitted to PSA for examination, item would likely receive a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity.


Likely Not Genuine

If physically submitted to PSA for examination, item would likely NOT receive a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity.


Unable to Render an Opinion

Reasons include: (1) Inadequate scans (2) Outside area of expertise (3) Not all signatures visible (4) Request made too close to auction closing


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the QuickOpinion take?

QuickOpinion generally takes 24-48 hours.

How much does the QuickOpinion cost?

QuickOpinion costs $10 for autographs listed on eBay ($15 for all other auction websites).

If the item is deemed "Likely Not Genuine," do I get a refund?

No, the fee is charged whether an autograph is deemed “Likely Genuine” or “Likely Not Genuine.” The only exception is “Unable to Render Opinion.” You will receive a refund if our authenticators are unable to render an opinion.

Can I submit an item for QuickOpinion that is not listed on an auction website?

QuickOpinion is strictly for autographed items that are actively listed on auction websites like eBay, Heritage and Memory Lane, plus many others. It is also available for fixed price "Buy It Now" listings on eBay.

Does QuickOpinion come with a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity?

No, you will not receive a certificate, letter or guarantee of authenticity. You will get our authenticator’s candid reaction to the item based on the quality of the information presented in the lot listing. It is important to understand that the QuickOpinion program is just that - a quick opinion. For the very low fee of $10.00 (or $15.00 for non-eBay auctions), you will get the unbiased opinion of the most respected brand in the autograph authentication field. You should be fully aware that this opinion is NOT GUARANTEED and that errors are possible.

What does "inadequate scans" mean?

This means that the images provided on the auction listing were not of a high enough quality for our authenticators to render an opinion. For example, the images were too small, poorly focused, or shot with bad lighting.

What does "outside area of expertise" mean?

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and the diversity of our expertise within sports, historical and entertainment autographs, there may be rare occasions where an autograph is simply too obscure for our authenticators to render an opinion without extensive research. Due to the nature of the service being a “quick opinion,” these instances do not qualify for the service.

What does "not all signatures visible" mean?

It is fairly common for auction lots to contain more than one autograph. In fact, some lots may contain hundreds of signatures on a single item. In those cases, in order for our authenticators to opine on the autographs, each one must be available for viewing. The good news is that if the lot contains multiple autographs and each one is available via scan, our authenticators will review the entire lot for only $10 (or $15 for non - eBay auctions).

Furthermore, the same is true of multi-signed items such as team-signed baseballs, bats, autograph books, programs, etc. All of the autographs within a lot must be visible via scan in order for our authenticators to render an opinion through this service.

In cases where you are only concerned with certain autographs within a particular lot, you can specify exactly what autograph (or autographs) you would like reviewed. For example, you may have an autograph album where Pete Rose has signed one page and his autograph is available via scan but many of the others are not. Even though our authenticators cannot see the remaining signatures within the album, you can choose to proceed with the QuickOpinion as long as it is limited to the visible autograph of Pete Rose.

What does "request made too close to auction closing" mean?

Our staff does its best to process each request in a timely manner, but there may be instances where requests are made too close to the end of an auction. For example, if you send a request to PSA within 24 hours of the auction close, while there is a good chance your request will be processed in time, our authenticators may not be able to process the request before the bidding ends for that item. Please be aware of this risk and plan accordingly. Once an order has been placed, the charge of $10 ($15 for non-eBay auctions) is automated and non-refundable.

What do I do after I buy the item?

If you ultimately purchase the item, you have the option to physically send the autograph to PSA for a formal and complete examination.

If we receive the item within 90 days of the close of the auction (60 days for non-eBay auctions), you will be entitled to a credit of $10 off our regular authentication fee ($15 for non-eBay auctions). Simply attach a copy of your paid QuickOpinion invoice to the PSA submission form.

After the in-person examination takes place, and if your item(s) are deemed authentic, you will receive a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity.

Please note: QuickOpinions are non-transferable.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars, invest as little as $10 on peace of mind.