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12x All-Star, 511 HRs, 1,860 RBI

7x AS, 3x CY, MVP, 4x No-hitters

13x All Star, MVP, 573 HRs

14x AS, 2x MVP, Triple Crown, ROY, GG, 586 HRs

18x AS, MVP, 7x GG, 452HRs, 3,419 hits, 1,844 RBI

6x AS, MVP, ROY, 521 HRs, 1,555 RBI

10x AS, 4x Cy Young, GG, 4,136 Ks, 329 Ws

14x AS, 2x MVP, ROY, 10x GG, WS MVP, 389 HRs

563 HR, 14x All-Star, MVP, WS MVP, 2x SS

15x AS, 7x SS, 5x GG, .338 avg, 3,141 hits

762 HRs, 14x All-Star, 7x MVP, 8x GG, 12x SS

355 wins, 3,371Ks, 8x All-Star, 4 Cy Young, 18x GG

569 HRs, 4x All-Star, 3x GG, 2x SS

13x AS, MVP, 10x GG, 7x SS, 630 HRs, 1,836 RBI

2x All-Star, 2012-2014 Silver Slugger

3x All-Star, '12 SS, WS MVP

my sub !! 1x All-Star, 1x SS

6x All-Star, ROY, NL MVP, SS

1x AS, 2x SS, Comeback POY

1x AS, 2x SS, Comeback POY

Happy 1st Father's Day to me 2014 :)

my sub. BGS 8 raw grade

Merry Christmas 2016

Happy b-day to me 2016

Celebrate Daniel's birth 2016

my sub, GAI 8 cross grade

Happy Bday to me 2015

my sub, SGC 96 cross grade