Published Set: deborah2180 1999 Unlimited Base Complete Set (2)

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Hello and thank you for viewing our registered sets. This one is for a complete 1999 Unlimited Base set 102/102. ALL cards in this set are PSA 10's and are in beautiful condition. This set is the third version of the Base set and has the shadowed right and bottom border along the picture of the Pokemon cards and has the series of dates on the bottom 1995, 96, 98. The 1st Edition Shadowless Base and the Shadowless Base sets do not display these shadowed borders making this the start of a new look from WOTC. They decided to add this feature to their cards after the Shadowless Base set. It is a very highly collectible set and there are very few complete ones worldwide! Best!
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Hello and thank you for viewing my set. I am so close to owning 2 of this set that it is driving me crazy that I do not have it completed yet! I have decided to itemize this set value based on what these sell for on 3rd party sites such as ebay and others. I might be interested in selling one of these two sets off at some point if the price is right for it. I appreciate it and best!

Posted at 9/10/2018 5:59 PM by deborah2180

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