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Hello and thank you for viewing our registered sets. This one is for the complete 1999 Unlimited Base set 102/102. ALL are graded PSA 10's and a great third version of the Base set. This set has the distinct shadowed right and bottom borders of the picture of the Pokemon displayed which the 1st Edition Base and the Shadowless Base do not contain. WOTC decided to change the look of their pictures of the characters by doing this. The trainer cards and energy cards do not have these shadowed borders--only the Pokemon characters. Thus, making this the Unlimited Base set that sold in 1999 in the U.S.A. Very beautiful and difficult to grade in complete 10's! Best!
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nice set. I am collecting the same one myself

Posted at 12/30/2019 3:42 PM by JokingPokemon

Hello and thanks for looking at my registered sets. This one is a complete Unlimited Base Set from 1999. It is the third version of this Base set behind the 1st edition shadowless and the shadowless ones. I have decided to list what these sell for on a 3rd party line such as ebay. The complete set has been itemized by card and able to view. Any collector of this set would not agree with PSA's individual cost as some of these sell for much higher than quoted by them. I appreciate it and best.

Posted at 9/12/2018 5:15 PM by deborah2180

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