Published Set: SAF T-206 Set

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I have been working on completing this set for years; started buying raw ungraded T206 cards back in the early '80s. That was before the era of grading. I learned some very positive and very negative things about the hobby over the years. On the negative side, I learned that cards that look like higher grades are not necessarily going to be graded by PSA as high as you might think. I also learned that PSA with all its hype about the process they use to insure quality grading, also have their flaws. I have several cards in my collection which I purchased that are of low quality with higher grades than others that are high quality with lower grades. I learned that there are "fixers" out there who have cleverly altered cards in order to get a higher grades and are often successful. In addition, I learned that the grading standards are not applied equally across the board. There is still a Honus Wagner card out there that was admittedly "hand cut" that still has a high grade, while I have several rejects in my collection that are marked "altered" or "trimmed". There is favoritism; dealers clearly have the edge when it comes to getting cards graded at higher grades and often flaws that are fairly evident are often overlooked. I have a valuable American Beauty back that I have sent to PSA several times and has been returned each time "trimmed". Everyone who collects T206 cards knows that this brand clearly were cut "thinner". Yet, I recently saw a number of American Beauty backed cards with the exact same dimensions graded and selling at high prices at auction. On the positive side, I give PSA credit for having set a standard for all to follow. That standard provides a better way to assess card quality and create value that reflects supply and demand. I am all for that. And, I like the fact that with using tools like Ebay, one can scroll down and view the quality of cards that have been graded and in turn compare and ultimately chose the card that meets the collectors personal parameters at a fair market value. I enjoy T206 collecting far too much to give up trying to upgrade my collection.

Posted at 6/11/2018 1:55 PM by sam102044

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