My Authentic Game-Used TCG Top 10 Image Gallery

When considering how to compile a unique Top 10 TCG list, I drew my inspiration from the Sports Card industry. Realizing the significance that "game used" cards play in the sports sector of the collecting world, I decided to put together an authentic grouping of early Yu-Gi-Oh! game-used TCG cards. I carefully selected only cards that had EXTREEMELY limited population. At this writing, none were from a PSA population of higher than 6 - two were PSA population 1 of 1's! This clearly demonstrates their true rarity. Additionally, I assessed the significant game usage that drove their overall condition down to at least a PSA 3 level. Three of the selected cards showing such tremendous game usage that they qualified as PSA 1's - a true testament to their hall of fame game-used history. Notice also that only one of the cards that was included here was a 1st edition card; that being the highly coveted #25 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning from the 2004 Invasion of Chaos set. Having to sacrifice a highly prized collectible 1st edition TCG card to tournament play must have been a gut-wrenching decision for the user - one that only a skilled gamer of that era could appreciate. Being the only 1st edition card included in this set shows that the highly skilled player and dedicated collector did not make the decision to play a 1st edition card lightly. This cross-section of cards represents early issued tin sets, video game issues, magazine promos and regular set issues that highlight an early pre-2005 Yu-Gi-Oh! collector's dedication. And since all 10 cards came from my actual PSA submissions, I know them all to be authentic game-used cards.


Oh my gosh, what a fun twist on your Top 10! I love the idea of showcasing "game-used" cards, as they not only tell your collecting story, but they tell the story of every duel these cards were used in over the years. Thank you for the great write-up

Posted at 3/10/2022 3:41 PM by dporras

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