IG: elrey_collection Top 10 Negro League Baseball Cards Image Gallery

These will be some of my favorite Negro League Baseball HOF cards.... I intentionally did not duplicate players and tried to spread the eras as much as possible. Many of these are 1/1's in the hobby.


seeing your collection has inspired me to learn more about these almost/mostly forgotten greats!

Posted at 2/25/2022 6:24 PM by mitchells_cards

This is fabulous!

Posted at 2/23/2022 3:11 AM by bhodes

Wow, just wow!

Posted at 2/22/2022 7:26 PM by peterslaw

Thanks for all of the interest in this set and these players. These guys deserve to be remembered!

Posted at 2/20/2022 11:22 PM by aljurgela

Thank you for collecting and sharing these!

Posted at 2/18/2022 7:46 PM by hogs_and_hofs

Fantastic...simply fantastic!

Posted at 2/15/2022 9:48 PM by GreekD55

Impossible collection. I had no idea that any of these cards existed. Thanks for sharing.

Posted at 2/12/2022 3:30 PM by mjmars

Really love this set, and helpful for me to know what's out there to try to add to my own collection of NLB stars.

Posted at 1/23/2022 4:12 PM by bleeckerstreetcards

Thank you for sharing this incredible collection.

Posted at 1/19/2022 3:11 AM by JamieKiskis

Insane collection of items and a tribute to amazing players!

Posted at 1/18/2022 7:08 PM by mhendler1

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