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I can't believe this card only got a PSA 2. I thought it may have made a 7 but certainly at least a five. No creases and nice corners. It is the nicest 2 I've ever seen!!

The 1923 W515-1 cards were originally found on a roll, much like you would find a roll of tickets today. A seller in a corner store would include a few cards from the roll when he sold you some candy. He would just tear them off the roll. This is why many of the cards have torn edges instead of the clean cuts you get with scissors. I am drawn to the bright colors and cartoon images that make this set a landmark vintage set. This is the highest graded card of Tris Speaker from his actual playing career. Pop 2 none higher. Good luck finding even a raw one in this shape.

The 1955 Robert Gould All Star Baseball Card Set includes 28 different cards. Talk about RARE. These card are just not out there to buy, especially in any grade above VG. The Mays is the most desirable and expensive card in the set and also the hardest to find in any condition. I bought this example raw and have never seen another one. The notches on each side were to secure the rubber band around each card that held it to another included product (I think a little white statue). This has a very distinctive look and is unlike any other card of the era.