Published Set: TwoYewts - 1951 Bowman Red Menace

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Bowman’s 1951 Red Menace release consists of 48 cards, each printed in color and each meant to capture the anti-Communism fervor that was gripping America at the time. Released shortly after the start of the Korean War, each colorful artwork card front depicts vital events of the Cold War era (including scenes from the Korean conflict and Soviet attacks), prominent military leaders from all sides, and the potential … and very real … effects of a nuclear war. The fronts are free of any text, while each reverse (printed on either tan or gray stock) carries a card number, title, and description of the scene on the other side. The words "Children's Crusade Against Communism," as well as a white star (representing democracy) and a red star (denoting Communism) are also pictured.The set’s intent was not as much to serve as a history lesson than to convey the fears harbored by a generation of Americans against the former Soviet Union (the “Red Menace”). The set's first card, Reds Invade South Korea, and the final entry, Doughboy’s General, are the most difficult to track down in higher grades – though each item in the set proves challenging to secure in top condition.
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