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Purchased at a show in Chicago

Purchased when there was 10 percent ebay bucks

Worth much more than apr

Purchased as SGC 80 and removed from SGC case, then graded 6 by PSA.

Purchased from Adam Wise.

B centered hi-end

B High end and centered PCMJB

PCMJB. B shipping charge was $7

5.55 coupon used. Cost would have been 39.99

100 coupon used, would have been 750

91.80 coupon, 464.99 without coupon

Picked up at the show in Chicago

Received in trade for 3 cards - 61 Santo PSA 5, 65 Santo PSA 8, and 67 Frank Robinson PSA 6.

PCMJB. Partially paid with ebay bucks. Would have cost 194.99 without the coupon.

used partial ebay bucks. 60 total before using the coupon.

zero paid, coupon used, would have been 68.45.

B see auction helper letter

B Used ebay dollars to pay for this. Would have been 128 including shipping.

PCMJB. Hi end centered

Hi End Centered PCMJB

High End, Exceptional, Perfectly Centered.

This card was purchased as an SGC 92, which I broke out and mailed to PSA and it was graded a PSA 8. PCMJB

Purchased at a show in Chicago

Attended the Chicagoland Sports Spectacular. Picked up this card at the show for $135

High end centered PCMJB

Purchased at a show in Chicago

PCMJB. Hi end centered

PCMJB. perfect centering

Purchased from member Rob Miron in facebook group.

Cubs hi end centered

89 + 4 shipping +3 insurance