Set Registry Glossary

All-Time Finest category
The Registry is divided into two sections. The first section, the All-Time Finest (ATF), ranks all current and retired sets. Retired sets remain in the Registry if they are at least 90% complete.
Current category
Registered sets in this section are sets that have not been retired and are actively being updated by their owners.
Bonus points and deductions
Some sets may have bonus points assigned to certain items within a set. Additionally, deductions are taken for Qualifiers.
Certification number
A unique 7 or 8-digit number placed on the identification insert below the grade which is permanently sealed inside each PSA-card or ticket holder. This number can be used as a reliable means of identification after the PSA card or ticket has been graded and re-enters the marketplace.
Grade Point Average
The GPA is the grade of each item registered in the set multiplied by the weight and then summed. That sum is divided by the total number of registered card/ticket weights.
My Set Registry
The private administration pages in the PSA Set Registry where members log in and add, update, and delete their items and sets.
PSA Collectors Club
The Collectors Club allows collectors to submit items for grading directly to PSA. The club offers many additional benefits including free grades and publications. Join »
Cards having significant flaws will receive "qualified" grades. Qualifiers may receive deduction points in the Registry. Grading Standards »
Sports Market Report
The SMR is a guide to assist the card buying public in determining values for most significant sportscards, tickets and memorabilia. The prices listed in the SMR are the average dealer asking prices for properly graded items. Prices listed in the SMR are based on recent sale prices of Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) graded sports cards. Prices for the most actively traded items are updated regularly. Other issues are updated as needed. Free SMR Online »
A listing of an item's current owner plus previous owners who may have had significant collections. Pedigrees are sometimes printed on the PSA insert.
An item's population is the number of items graded for that grade since PSA’s inception in 1991. PSA offers this information online which is updated daily. The Pop and Pop Higher statistics for each item in a member's Set Registry inventory is displayed in My Set Registry. PSA Population Report »
Set Checklist
The items contained within a specific set.
Set Rating
The Set Rating is achieved by dividing the weighted grade sum by the total sum of the weights in the entire set.
Within a set, not all cards and tickets have the same value. Sets in the PSA Set Registry are weighted on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the rarest item and 1 being the most common. While it may be in true in some instances that an item may be many times over 10 as rare as the most common item in the set, the Registry keeps the scale simple so that all levels of collectors can compete. Each item within the set is assigned a weight based on the value of the item in NM-MT condition.
What If? scenarios
A program in My Set Registry which allows a user to determine how the addition of an item(s) to a particular set might effect the rating of that set.