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Perry was renowned for his fantastic speed earning him the nickname Joe the "Jet" Perry. He retired as the NFL's all time career rushing leader.

As a member of the San Francisco 49ers fabled "Million Dollar" backfield, "The King" was All-Pro and Rookie of the Year in 1952, quickly paying off as the 49ers first pick of the 1952 NFL draft. A six-time Pro Bowler, McElhenny had over 5,000 yards both rushing and receiving during his career.

"JOE COOL" The Sporting News ranks Montana the #1 quarterback of all time. A 4 time Super Bowl champion, the only 3 time Super Bowl MVP. Never threw a interception in the big game, and he was the best I've ever seen in the clutch. Definitely my #1. Face it, Marino & Elway fans.

"THE CATCH" In the 1982 NFC championship game it was Montana to Clark in the corner of the endzone, to beat the Cowboys and send the Niners to their first Superbowl. This single play goes down as one of the greatest monents in NFL history. And turned me into a Niners fan, and NFL fan for life.

One of my favorite Niners. Terrorizing the backfield with his vicious hit's Lott lead the niners to 4 Super Bowl Championships. In the 85 season he had his finger amputated, rather than miss the playoff's. This guy is close to my heart.

Wide eye's and knee's pumping high this guy was the first to rush for 1,000 yds and receive for 1,000 yds. And he did it on grass or mud if you know Candlestick. He was with the niners for 3 Superbowls. I wish we could bring them back.

The Niners get back to back HOF QB's. Steve Young got the monkey of his back in Super Bowl XXIX when he threw for a record 6 TD's and won the MVP. He retired with the highest career passer rating in NFL history, 96.8.

Rice is referred to as the "GOAT" greatest of all time, around the NFL, and by NFL commentators. THE best receiver in NFL history. Here are some of his NFL records. 1549 catches (447 more than #2 Marvin Harrison), 22,895 yds (7961 more than #2 Tim Brown), Most TD's in a career 197 (65 more than #2 Terrell Owens) 274 consecutive games with a catch, 76 games of 100 yards or more, 14 seasons with 1000 yards, 1848 yards in one season, 22 TD catches in a year (12 games, not 16).

The only player in NFL history with 5 Superbowl rings. The first 2 were with the Niners.