Football - All-Time NFL Rushers: ffishonn Image Gallery

Eagle's all-time great, Van Buren won four NFL rushing titles and a rare “triple crown”. He retired the NFL all-time rushing yard's leader.

Perry was renowned for his fantastic speed earning him the nickname Joe the "Jet" Perry. He retired as the NFL's all time career rushing leader.

Motley was among the first to break the color barrier into pro football. He was one of the earliest powerback, with his 6'1 232 frame, he was also know for his pass blocking and played linbacker.

"The Golden Boy" considered by many to be the best short yardage runner ever. A legendary Notre Dame player were he won the Heisman. Lead the NFL in scoring for 3 consective years. Held the NFL record for most point's scored in a season till 2006.

One of the all time great power backs. Now you can check him out fishing & hunting in my home state Alaska.

The "Diesel". One of the all time great powerbacks. The highlight of his career was carrying the Redskins through the playoffs to Super Bowl XVII. Were he rushed for a then record 166 yds and Super Bowl MVP.

"The Immaculate Reception" Franco was on the receiving end of one of the greatest play's in NFL history.

A 12,000 yd career rusher, he was the first in history with a NFL record 99 yard td run. Dorsett won the Heisman in 76 and is consider one of the greatest college running backs ever.

Eric hold's the record for the most rushing yards in a season 2,105.

Wide eye's and knee's pumping high this guy was the first to rush for 1,000 yds and receive for 1,000 yds. And he did it on grass or mud if you know Candlestick. He was with the niners for 3 Superbowls. I wish we could bring them back.