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One of the greatest players to ever hit the gridiron. Baugh's quarterbacking was a evolution in the game, he made the forward pass a threat. He also excelled at 3 positions QB, D.B., & punter.

One of the top 5 greatest QB's of all time. Graham played 10 years with the Brown's. In the All American conference for 4 seasons, and then they joined the NFL, were he played 6 more seasons. In all 10 yrs he led the Brown's to the Championship game winning 7 out of 10 league titles. He also won a Championship with the Rochester Royals now the Sacremento Kings in his one season of professional basketball. Graham is one of the greatest winning players in professional sports history.

The "Dutchman" win's championship's with two NFL franchise becoming the only man to hand the Packer's a championship loss in the Lombardi era. During his Career he delivered the ball to what would become 3 HOF receiver's.

Blanda's career spand 4 decades, playing a NFL record 26 seasons. His best years were spent with the AFL Houston Oilers, Which he lead to the first two AFL league titles. He threw a record 36 TD's in the 1961 season which stood in either the NFL or AFL. It wasn't surpassed till Marino in 1984 (48). Also holds record for most points in a career 3,418 (not an offical stat).

Regarded as one of the greatest QB's of all time. Tarkenton retired holding career records for most pass attempts 6,467, compeltions 3,686, yardage 47,003, TD's 342, rushing yards for a QB 3,674, & win for a starting QB 125 regular season. Like Marino the Super Bowl ring eluded him.

Griese led the Dolphins to 3 consecutive Super Bowl's. Winning 2 of the 3 including the undefeated season. What is amazing is he was legally blind in his right eye and played his first 9 season's till the soda bottle glasses appeared on the field. Now you can catch him doing college football game for ESPN and ABC.

The "Blonde Bomber" Won 4 Super Bowl's with the Steelers in the 70's. Also known as wacky football analyst for Fox NFL Sunday.

"JOE COOL" The Sporting News ranks Montana the #1 quarterback of all time. A 4 time Super Bowl champion, the only 3 time Super Bowl MVP. Never threw a interception in the big game, and he was the best I've ever seen in the clutch. Definitely my #1. Face it, Marino & Elway fans.

Lost four consecutive superbowl's.

The Niners get back to back HOF QB's. Steve Young got the monkey of his back in Super Bowl XXIX when he threw for a record 6 TD's and won the MVP. He retired with the highest career passer rating in NFL history, 96.8.

Man, "Moon" could throw the long ball.

The greatest gunslinger of all time. Favre is a 3 time MVP, and a Super Bowl champion. Favre Hold's numerous QB records, the most impressive being the 269 consecutive starts streak. He's BACK.