Published Set: Fabfranks 1997 Upper Deck Legends Autographs

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Another landmark for football collectors. This set was the first in the Upper Decks Legends series. The photography is great, with color photos of modern players and black and white photos for the old-time legends. The set is loaded with Hall of Famers. 84 Hall of Famers in all and finally the best part... the autographs. Each card is autographed except for a select few. Here is a list of players which you had to mail in to get the autograph, but did NOT sign. S. Luckman W. Wood Billy "White Shoes" Johnson B. Trumpy M. Webster (although Webster cards have been seen on the market, it is believed he kept the cards from Upper Deck and than either sold or gave them to friends. He did not return any cards to Upper Deck) This list is of players who did not sign any cards: J. McKay R. Francis (although it is rumored that 1 signed card came to market years later, it was obtained by going to his home and requesting a signature) J. Gibbs B. Walsh H. Stram T. Landry C. Noll S. Gillman V. Lombardi W. Ewbank I hope this info will help any other collectors when pursuing this set. Please contact me if any new information arises regarding this set.
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Stunning !!

Posted at 3/25/2016 8:58 AM by mgiobbe

Such a great set - well done!

Posted at 11/9/2015 7:57 AM by jester88

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