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The 1992 Topps set was the largest single season football set ever produced by Topps - 759 individual player cards. During this year, some players broke away from the National Players Association and joined NFL Properties. Initially only NFL Properties sponsored trading card companies could profile these players. Established companies, like Topps, could not profile these players until an agreement was reached. The issue was resolved late in the year (nearly at the end of the season) and Topps issued a High Series set with a large number of stars and rookies making this set one of the most complete ever. One of the cards in the High Series was Brett Favre's first Topps card (2nd year and first card in a Packer uniform). This set also profiles a huge number of Hall of Fame players - 48 as of 2020. This represents just under 14% of the entire HOF (48/346). The number of HOFers will increase slightly as players like Roger Craig, LeRoy Butler, Darren Woodson, and others are considered for the hall. I have noted the HOFers in the owners notes section. Even though there are 759 players profiled, there are some notable players and HOFers missing from this set including John Randle (HOF 2010), Shannon Sharpe (HOF 2011), Herman Moore, Joe Jacoby, Leon Lett, and Jimmy Smith RC. These players either were caught up in the NFL Properties dispute, had not made their impact on the NFL when this set was produced, or were hurt early in their careers. While this set contains a huge number of HOF players, there is currently no HOF Rookies in this set. The 1992 draft produced many solid players who had long NFL careers but none are in the Hall yet. Perhaps players like Jason Hanson (#711) and Darren Woodson (#727) will eventually make it. While you can still find unopened boxes of these cards, the condition of the gold cards is elusive.
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Great set and love the description you gave. I’m jealous of the #687 Mike Singletary. Searching for one of my own.

Posted at 11/9/2020 8:32 PM by FireRob52

Hello Paul! Sharp set! Cool images and loved the comments!

Posted at 5/28/2010 7:26 PM by [email protected]

Outstanding start, Paul! Good luck in completion.

Posted at 10/23/2009 8:06 PM by anservitz

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