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In 1977 Topps of Mexico issued a 528 football card set that is a parallel of the United States issue. The differences are the text of the cards are in Spanish, the cards are perforated and they are much rarer. This is one of the hardest regular issue post-war set to put together.

No one has any good information on the way the cards were distributed or how many were produced. I called Topps to see what I could find out, and they told me that since the archives division was closed and auctioned off in 1989 and since Topps no longer has a Mexico location, there was no place at Topps for me to find information on this product. The Beckett Annual Price Guide has a listing of the set valued at $10,000 (up 25% from last year) but it fails to recognize the all short printed cards in the set. This year Beckett increased the prices on some commons from $8 to $20 or $25, but even this mark up does not reflect the true rarity of the cards. Cards that are listed as a $40 SP get picked up with for $355 in poor condition are more representative of the difficulty of the short printed cards.

What is known is that the cards came in two types of 36 pack boxes, 2-cards per pack with gum and 4-cards per pack without gum. The packs that had the grape and banana flavored gum invariably had one card that was damaged by the gum. Collation on this product is terrible.

If you have any of these, I would be interested in them. I also have a few extras to trade. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
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