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A great nickname, This hard hitter's tackle's were usually high around the neck or head often called the "NIGHT TRAIN NECKTIE". In his rookie season he had a NFL record 14 interception which still stands.

One of the meanest toughest SOB to ever play the game. With his signature head slap he was feared by all. An unofficial stat at the time Deacon is know for being the real all time sack leader.

Nicknamed the Stork, Ted was a part of 4 Super Bowl winning teams, first the Colts & 3 times with the Raiders. Holds the NFL record 25 blocked kicks for his career.

One of the greatest outside linbackers of all time. Known for his intellgence and ability to break down plays, his peer's say he couldn't be fooled.

The leader of the legendary "Steel Curtin" defense. Lambert is one of the greatest middle linebackers to ever set foot on the field.

One of my favorite Niners. Terrorizing the backfield with his vicious hit's Lott lead the niners to 4 Super Bowl Championships. In the 85 season he had his finger amputated, rather than miss the playoff's. This guy is close to my heart.

Four Super Bowls, but never got the ring. Hold's the record for career sacks with 200.