About Me

About Me:
Hello and thank you for viewing my registered sets. I have been collecting Pokemon since the beginning of the English 1st edition released in 1999. I have all of the first sets PSA graded through Neo Destiny. I stopped collecting sets and buying boxes after Destiny. I do have all of these sets in both raw and PSA graded. It's been a great hobby for me and have been able to sell quite a bit of my extra inventory in both graded and raw cards with many left to sell. Pokemon has exploded!
In Search Of:
PSA 10 Unlimited Holo Team Rocket Dark Magneton 11/82 and 1st Edition Neo Discovery Holo Yanma 17/75
Personal Collection:
I have 47 Pokemon sets registered and rank #1 with others on 36 of them! Check it out when you have time!
For Trade / For Sale:
Open for selling off ALL 47 Registered sets for $5.2 Million. Would need to figure out all the details with the interested buyer most definitely.
Not For Trade / Not For Sale:
I am not a big fan of trading but would be willing to do so on specific cards.
Collecting Since:
I have been collecting Pokemon cards since 1999.
Hobbies Outside of the Hobby:
I love to golf and spend a lot of time outside working in my flower garden! On rainy days, I spend time doing a form of art Called "Sand Painting"
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