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My own submission. 1st ever graded 10!

Prospero was the main character in The Tempest, Shakespeare's last play. He was the rightful Duke of Milan but was forced by his own brother to flea with his daughter, Miranda, to an island where he refined his magic and used his magic to exact revenge on his enemies.

Caliban, also from The Tempest, was a disfigured beast of a man. Though he hates his master, Prospero, he also fears his magic. Prospero claims that his reason for mistreating Caliban is that the beast/man had tried to sexually assault Prospero's young daughter, Miranda. Although he attempts to leave Prospero's service by asking Stephano to overthrow him, Caliban returns to Prospero when that idea proves to be a bad one.

Merry Wives of Windsor. Mistress Page is one of the recipients of a rather "inappropriate" letter from Sir John Falstaff. Along with Mistress Ford she decides to ruin Falstaff for his transgression.

I'm sure no introduction is needed for these two lovebirds. Here's a quote I like: "Tempt not a desperate man."