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Update on Feb. 15, 2009: I sent my Mantle card into PSA for review. I just received it back with a bump to the new grade of PSA 8.5. It is that nice. I even held out hope that it may bump to PSA 9 but it did not quite make it. So I have scans attached of the same card when it was a PSA 8 and now a PSA 8.5. Previous comments....Beautifully centered!! This gorgeous Mantle card is the cornerstone of my '59 collection. Check scan on card #9 to see the back of this Mantle gem. Rarely will you see a nicer Mantle card front and back!! All four corners are so nice that it is not a stretch to say that this card is a hair away from PSA 9.

This is a spectacular PSA 9 Law card. It is perfectly centered and just a beauty. I bought it at the 2008 National in Chicago.

I picked this absolute stunner MInt 9 card up at the 2013 Chicago National. It is a beauty!!

Gorgeous Mint 9 Sey Hey Kid!

Super fantastic Mint 9 card graded Sept 2009. This eye opener is a tough low number that is spectacular! Enjoy the scan.

A gorgeous Mint 9 acquired in Nov. 2008. This card just screams vintage baseball.

A beautiful mint gem graded in Dec. 2004.

Acquired this drop-dead gorgeous Koufax Mint 9 at the Baltimore National in 2012.

I just love this Berra card....then again, Yogi is one of my faves.

Another outstanding mint gem!!

Mint 9 perfection with a touch of rough cut on the right border...awesome!

I just acquired this Mint Moran in August, 2005. At this time, it is pop 2. This is a beautiful card.

This perfect Mint 9 card stands at a pop of 3. It was graded in Sept 2009 and it is very deserving of the coveted PSA 9.

My goodness!! The color just jumps off of this Mint 9 beauty! It was graded in Sept 2009.

I love these 1959 Yankee cards with the cherry red color. They are so vintage and so beautiful. Added this gem to my collection in Jan. 2008.

Another mint cards are just gorgeous!

Thanks, Bob! Another beauty to add to my collection thanks to a wonderful friend.

I love these black colored beauties...this card is just!

Just did a good, ole fashioned trade with good collector friend, Tom Rief, in WA. Love good trading and I got this tough Mossi card in the deal in Jan 2018.

Just a stupendous Mint vintage gem!

Mint in every respect!!

This is the rare No Option Statement variation card. There are five of these variation cards in the 1959 Topps set. The tough ones to find are the No Option and No Trade cards. This is one of those gems.

I acquired this gem mint beauty at the 2010 Baltimore National. It is a screamer!

Thanks, Bob! Another beautiful Mint 9 from a great friend.

Mint 9 of Dr. Strange-glove. He could hit a ton and not field a lick.

Stunning PSA 8 of this tough No Option variation card. I just received this card back from PSA May, 2007. It is my 4th PSA 8 variation card with just the Hanebrink to go.

Beautiful Mint card of the Giants lefty.

Stunner....this card has it all!

Mint 9!! Mint cards are just awesome.

Well centered, super sharp Mint 9!

Graded by PSA on May 26, 2010. A beautiful Mint 9 of this variation card. The first one graded PSA 9 after PSA begin grading all three variations. The best part of this story is that I bought this card raw off of eBay in February, 2010!

Truly gorgeous Mint 9 card of this tough variation...Pop 1 as of June, 2014

A stunning Mint gem!

A fantastic Colavito card...Colavito cards are very popular with collectors for single player collections.

A beautifully centered, sharp Mint 9.

This is another of the drop-dead gorgeous black Redlegs cards of the '59 set...I just love the look of these cards!

Mint 9 of one of the best pinch hitters of all time.

This gorgeous Gem Mint card was picked up as a raw card at the 2005 National in Chicago. This is a perfect 10. Just a stunning card!

Mint Mantle cards are difficult to come by...I picked up this gem in February, 2006. I couldn't pass up this vintage beauty.

Another raw card that I bought at the 2005 Chicago National. This and the Pierce AS Starter cards are mint gems and low pop 9's.

This Mint 9 gem was graded in Dec. 2005. This is another raw card that I bought at the 2005 Chicago National. They don't get any better than this!!

This incredible card was sent in to PSA for review in January, 2018.....the result was a bump from PSA 9 to PSA 10 Gem Mint!! Speechless on this card....

A beauty of a mint 9!!

I bought this mint Clemente at the 2010 Baltimore National. It is a gorgeous gem and a stunning '59 superstar.

The cherry red Mint 9 Yankee cards are my favorite of the '59 Topps classic set. This card is breathtaking. I acquired this gem in Dec. 2008.

Another mint 9...these cards are just incredible.